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The Best jokes about Armadillo

I like dillos, but I don't support giving them guns...

I would never armadillo...

Armadillos are quite expensive.

They usually cost an arm and a leg.

What do you get when you cross a highway with an armadillo?

About halfway across.

an armadillo barely escaped birds of pray

luckily, nuns are terribly slow in their habits

What is an armadillo that kills murderers called?

A karmadillo.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the armadillo it could be done

(in the South East, "to prove to the possum it could be done")

What do you call an armadillo at a fashion show?

A roll model

Q: How many Oregon fans does it take to eat an armadillo?

A: Two. One to do the eating, and one to watch for cars.

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