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What do rednecks and aristocrats have in common?

Both groups like marrying their cousins.

What was the primary role of the aristocrats during the French revolution?

They put their head into it.

Donald Trump is taking questions from journalists on his last day in office.

One journalist asks him, "President Trump, do you have a final thing to say to the American people as our president?"

Trump then looks into the camera, bows deeply, and yells, "THE ARISTOCRATS!"

This joke was like "The Aristocrats" back in the day - question was how much you could elaborate it ...

Guy on a business trip gets to chatting with an attractive woman at the hotel bar and both of them being a little drunk, they wind up together in his bedroom.

So he's lying in bed watching her get ready, and first thing he sees is her take off her false eyelashes.

Then her false fingernails.

Then her wig.

Then her artificial arm.

Whereupon he says, "Hey honey - when you get to the part I want, throw it over here!"

A group of Hungarian aristocrats lost their way hiking in the Alps...

> A group of Hungarian aristocrats lost their way hiking in the Alps.

>One of them, it is said, took out a map, and after studying it for a long time exclaimed: "Now I know where we are!"

>"Where?" asked the others.

>"See that big mountain right over there? *We are right on top of it.*"

George Gamow

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