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What does Ariana Grande want to be when she grows up?

Ariana Venti

\*Thanks to my dad for this one

An immigration officer asks a drunk man if he's Hungarian

he says "yep, but my name's not Arian"

What does Ariana Grande...

What does Ariana Grande order at McDonald's ?

A Mac Miller.

Ariana Grandes fans are blaming her for Mac Miller's death...NSFW

Not surprised, they have a tendency to blow things up

Did you know that Ariana Grande has two sisters?

Their names are Ariana Tall and Ariana Venti.

It seems like Ariana Grande has a type..


Ariana Grande is called Ariana Grande

because her first name is Ariana and her last name is Grande

So Ariana Grande has announced her European tour dates...

...I hear her live performance is to die for

When Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have a baby

We will have something like Weird Al' Yankovic or a lawyer

What did Ariana Grande want to be when she grew up?

Ariana Venti

Ariana Grande might not be the best musician

But she definitely has the highest kill count.

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