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Translated Brazilian Joke - A broken car in the desert

** In Brazil it is common making jokes about our colonizers, the Portuguese. I hope they do the same about us in Portugal, so... **

A Portuguese, a Brazilian and an Argentinian are driving through the desert when their car suddenly breaks.
João, the Brazilian suggests each one takes a piece of the car to help their journey walking back to the town.

Santiago, the Argentinian says: - I'll take the seat, so if I'm tired I can sit on it and rest.

João, the Brazilian says: - I'll take the radiator, so if I'm thirsty I can drink the water.

And Manuel, the Portuguese says: - Well, I'll take the door.

And both João and Santiago question Manuel: - The door?

Manuel says: - Yes, the door!!! So if it's too warm I can open the window.


When Lionel Messi dies..

He should have his Argentinian team mates bury him so they can let him down one last time..

What do you call an Argentinian with a rubber toe?


You call him Roberto....

The Ecuadorean Public Works Minister visits his Argentinian counterpart

The Argentinian sends his chauffeur to pick him up in his Mercedes Maybach for lunch in his 10 acre estate. Whilst enjoying lobster, the Ecuadorian asks "where do you get your money from?" The Argentinian says: "do you see that bridge? 30%". Both laugh.

Six months later it's the Argentinian Public Works Minister visiting. He is picked up in a private helicopter and flown to a 200 acre estate on a private island. Whilst enjoying Beluga Caviar the Argentinian asks "where do you get your money from?" The Ecuadorean says: "do you see that bridge?" "Which bridge?" asks the Argentinian puzzled. "See??" replies the Ecuadorean.

A brazilian, uruguayan and argentinian walk into the bar...

...celona team.

Argentinians like their sex the same way they like their football.


What do you call an Argentinian victim of grand theft auto?


The German players enjoyed some Argentinian steak today...

but it was a little Messi

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