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An argentinean and a Brazilian get lost in the desert...

They proceed to find a lamp. The argentinean rubs the lamp and a genie comes out. Seeing as the two are lost, he decides to give one wish to each of the men.

First, the argentinean man says his wish:

"I wish that there was a wall on the borders of my country, so big and strong that no one would be able to invade it!"

The genie grants his wish, and a gigantic wall appears on the borders of Argentina.

Then the brazilian man goes to say his wish, but before he asks a question:

"Is the wall really strong and big?"

"Yes" the genie answers.

"Then fill it with water" the brazilian man says.

The Brazilian the Argentine and the Genius

(To understand the joke you need to know that there is a lot of rivalry between Brazilians and Argentines) An Argentine and a Brazilian when walking through the desert found a magic lamp. A genie came out of it and began to speak: "You are my masters and each of you will be granted a wish." The Argentine soon started to speak. "I want a 50-meter wall around all of Argentina. Nothing enters and nothing comes out, completely impenetrable. Free from everyone else. The genie snapped his fingers and said," It's done. And what is your wish? "The Brazilian thought for a while and said:" Fill it with water ".

As a middleaged Argentine native I have come to the conclusion that our big ego and our arrogance don't let us see things the way they really are. We must admit that sometimes we make mistakes. Thus, we Argentines are imperfect.

...until you reach 50.

How does an Argentinean commit suicide?

He climbs up on his ego and then jumps off.

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