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My neighbour banged on the wall at 430am this morning!!!!

Can you believe it. Lucky I was still awake listening to music.

They banged and shouted "Can we have a little respect please?"

I shouted back "I'm not a big Aretha Franklin fan but this ones for you"

What do you call a circle of $100 bills?

Aretha Franklins!

(Happy birthday to the Queen of Soul!)

What do you call a musical wreath made from $100 bills?

Aretha Franklins

My neighbour started banging on my wall at 3:20am this morning, can you believe it?

Fortunately, I was still up, listening to music on my new speakers.

I turned it up louder to drown him out but he kept banging and shouted can we have a little respect please?

I shouted back I'm not a big Aretha Franklin fan but OK, this one's for you

I saw that pastor from Aretha Franklin's funeral at Starbucks again

He was just grabbing a Grande.

I named my Christmas decoration made of $100 dollar bills

Aretha Franklin

A Wreath of Franklins joke

Airwreatha or more like Wreath Witherspoon !

Deep respect to Aretha Franklin !

My neighbour banged on the wall at 3.30am,

can you believe that? Luckily I was still up playing music.

He banged and shouted, "Can we have a little respect please?"

So I shouted back, "I'm not a big Aretha Franklin fan, but OK this one is for you."

Probably too soon to update this, but here goes anyway. . .

Twenty years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Aretha Franklin. Now we have no jobs, no hope, no cash, and no soul.

What do you get when you are the daughter of Rodney Dangerfield and Aretha Franklin?

No R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin got it on in Spanish Harlem. As a result, Aretha gave birth to twin girls on the longest day of the year. What did they call them?


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What do you call a decorative wreath with a picture of a turtle on it?

Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin : R E S P E C T Find out what it means to me.

Barry Chuckle : To you!

I'm confused by the tributes to Aretha Franklin

I thought Freddie Mercury was the queen of our souls..

What do you call a popular Christmas decoration made out of $100 bills?

Aretha Franklins

A group of veterans decided to put out a cover of an Aretha Franklin song

They're calling it RESPTSD .

Is Aretha Franklin finished singing the national anthem?

I turned the TV off 4 hours into it and I'd really like to watch the start of the Lions game before I goto bed.

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