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Why arent There Many jewish gardeners?

Because money doesnt grow on trees

My wife told me she wants to give her clothes away to starving children,i told her that if they fit them they arent starving

That is when the fight began

Communist jokes arent funny.

Unless everyone gets them.

2 cows were standing in a field

One cow asks the other "Arent you afraid of getting Mad Cow Disease?"

And the other cow replies "Why should I? Im a helicopter"

Holocaust jokes arent funny

anne frankly, I think they're tasteless.

A panda walks in a bar and asks the bartender if he knew any prostitute around so he points to this lady sitting afar so he goes over and talks to her and both of them head to a motel... After they finish she asks him

"Arent you going to pay me?" The panda was surprised and asked her why... She told him to look up prostitute and it clearly said (has sex in exchange for money) the panda laughed and told her to look up panda and it said "eats bush and leaves"

A piece of string walks into a bar ...

Bartender says "We don't serve your kind in here!".
The string walks back out dejected. Then he gets an idea. He rubs his head on the bricks on the front of the bar outside. Satisfied with the results, he goes back into the same bar. "Hey!" the bartender yells. "We don't serve string in here! Arent you a piece of string?"
Pointing to the top of his head, the string responds "'fraid not".


Arent joke, A piece of string walks into a bar ...

yo mama so fat…

when god made light he asked her to move out of the way

(I know those jokes arent popular anymore but my 12 yo came up with this one)

Why arent chiropractors allowed to start bar tabs at honkey-tonks?

Because chiropractors have been manipulating joints for years...

Gf says to me "Phil, you arent the best looking man, the most fun or the best in bed....


Arent a donut and a danish the same thing?

Well they are both synonym rolls!!

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For the first time in my life a girl told me she loved me

Arent moms great?

So a guy lies on his death bed.

An old man is on his death bed. His entire family is by his side. He asks his daughter "Anna, are you there?" His daughter Anna says "yes father im here." The man then asks " What about my son is he here?" His son says "yes im here." "What about my grandkids," the old man said, growing more raspy. "We are here too grandpa," the grandkids said. "Everyone is here, arent they," he says, "Then why is the kitchen light on?"

Apparently police choppers arent allowed in Rome

The residents get angry everytime they hear "wop wop wop wop wop" overhead

Why arent any Usain Bolts in swimming

You dont swim from a robbery do you ?

And is why cows wear bells

Do you know why cows wear bells?. Its cause their horns arent working.

Arent joke, And is why cows wear bells

Being an ac repair man is a cool job

You just arent freon hot days

Are you made of Fluorine, Astatine, Arsenic, and Sulfer?

Because you're a F At As S :D

And if you dont get the joke, you must be made of Deuterium, Uranium, Muriaticum, and Boron... cause You're D U M B!

What i'm trying to say is study your periodic table...

Maybe you will find out two elements arent on the periodic table ;)

Why arent koalas considered bears?

They dont have the Koalafications.

That is the joke my dad cant stop saying since he got back from Australia.

Why arent there any Socialist entrepreneurs?

Seriously I dont know.....

Most puns arent good

They're normally _pun_ ishabls

I dont get why Rogues arent able to learn languages.

I guess Thieves' Cant.

Why do motorcycles fall over when they arent moving?

Because they're two-tired.

A man walks into a bar, the dog goes,


Why dont cannibals eat clowns?

Because cannibalism is illegal and they arent allowed to eat anyone.

Why arent pills allowed in Africa?

Because you can't take them on an empty stomach.

Arent joke, Why arent pills allowed in Africa?

Puns about cheese...

Arent very gouda.

Why arent any test taking allowed in zoo's?.....

...Because there's too many CHEETAHS

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