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So Toys-R-Us has begun to expand into inner city areas.

But they've had to change the name to We-B-Toys.

my old man had a joke from his days in the Air Force

Background: my dad was a biomed tech and did work for all branches throughout many areas.

One day, he's at a Navy submarine repair station. as him and his buddy are walking in, 2 Navy guys see em and say 'Air Force? what are you guys doing here? where are they going to put the landing strip?'

the other Navy guys says, 'fuck that, where are they going to put the golf course?'

Why are mountains so funny?

Because they are hill areas.

I'll show myself out

Areas joke, Why are mountains so funny?

Woman in a coma

Two nurses are giving a woman in a coma a sponge bath. They notice that when they get near her private areas that she starts to get a little stimulated. The theorize that oral sex will bring her out the coma. They go out into the lobby and tell her husband their theory. The husband is a little aprehensive about it at first, but he agrees to do it. The nurses leave the man with his wife and give him some privacy. They come back about 10 minutes later and the woman is dead! "What happened?" asks one of the nurses. The man replies, "I dont know...I think she choked."

Rednecks can't describe large areas as expansive...

Listeners will just wonder why they paid so much for it.

Where does the Joker keep a record of his favourite shrubland areas?

Heath Ledger.

During a marriage preparation class, the teacher asked how many kissable areas there are on a woman's body

One guy said, "18."

A French guy in the back yelled, "119!"

Another guy said, "12."

The French guy piped up again, "119!"

A sweet girl in the front said, "I know only one...the lips!"

The French guy shouted, "120!"

Areas joke, During a marriage preparation class, the teacher asked how many kissable areas there are on a woman'

I heard Anheuser Busch is sending 9 truckloads of canned water to the areas affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Who knew there was such a demand for Bud Light after a disaster?

What marker is only sold in shady areas?

Mr. Sketch.

I've heard people say mountains are funny.

Personally, I just think they are hill areas.

Where's the door again, got I'll see myself out.

Punch lines are extremely one-dimensional

Punch areas and punch volumes have more depth.

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I was trying to promote heavy policing in urban areas with a hip new logo you can post around your neighborhood...

"S.W.A.T. Stickas" didn't go over too well...

Why did the hikers laugh at the mountains?

Because they were hill areas

Team 10 going to restaurants

Waiter: On a scale of urban areas how would you rate your service today?

Team 10: England is my city

There's a protocol when it comes to bears [Long]

If you go camping, you should carry bells so not to startle a bear and be attacked, and pepper spray in case it does.

It would help to learn the scat of the bear, so you can avoid areas with dangerous species.

Brown and black bear's is small and dark.

Grizzly's is large, light in color, has bells in it and smells like pepper spray.

What does a man who just raped 300 million people say after?

We are helping consumers and promoting competition, Mr. Pai said. Broadband providers will have more incentive to build networks, especially to underserved areas.

Areas joke, What does a man who just raped 300 million people say after?

Most avid climbers agree that small mountains are jokes.

They think they're just hill areas.

An engineer, a mathematician, and a physicist are asked to measure the volume of a pig.

The engineer answers: "we fill a pool to the brim with water, fully immerse the pig, collect the spilled water and measure its weight. The pig will have a volume of 1dm^3 per collected Kg."

The mathematician answers: "we freeze the pig, slice it and integrate the slices' areas to obtain a volume."

The physicist answers: "let P be a spherical, friction-less pig...

Ever hear about the South African SWAT team?

They operate in areas with malaria outbreaks.

Two electrician friends meet at the hardware store after work

and chat about LED fixtures and other areas of illuminating rooms for a few hours. When the one electrician returns home to his wife that asks what took so long, he replies

"Me and my friend were just having a light conversation at the store."

Why is that psychiatrists don't want to visit Arctic areas?

They can't handle bipolar bears.

If we really live in a simulation, then the creator must hate tropical areas a lot.

Because there is too much bugs

Did you know that tornadoes can displace shellfish?

Apparently the locals in danger areas are able to identify oncoming bad weather due to the shellfish preceding it.

They call it the clam before the storm.

Feminists and social justice warriors are great.

I was born a male but I identify as female and lesbian. I can now walk into female changing areas freely.

My friend laughs at regions with small mountains

He thinks theyre hill areas

The world is full of grey areas.

I don't know how you can get any more black and white than that.

How do you solve the problem of Euthanasia?

Open up more schools in poor areas

Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Call a man comrade and make fishing areas public, and he will starve to death in no time.

Mountains aren't just funny

They're hill areas.

A guy once told me few jokes on mountains

Had to say they were hill areas.

During the lockdown, they changed the names of the flight areas in airports to waystations

They thought 'terminal' was a bit off putting

An autopsy is performed on a potential murder victim

They suspect murder however an autopsy reveals that all of the inside organs are in completely wrong areas, they conclude with he is very disorganised

The mountains aren't just funny, they're...

Hill areas.

Why are modern cities all so prejudiced against ancient Sumerian cities?

They all have Ur-ban areas.

Having some areas in pandemic lock down and others not in lock down is like...

trying to organize the pissing section in a swimming pool.

I can't stop laughing at pictures of mountain ranges

They are hill areas!

What's the funniest landscape?

Hill areas.

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