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Got an email asking me to invest in Egyptian architecture.

Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

Four guys are at a high school reunion and one of them goes to the restroom..

Four guys are at a high school reunion and one of them goes to the restroom.
The other three guys start talking about how succesful their sons are.
Guy 1: My son is so successful he owns a cardealership and just gave his best friend a Ferarri.
Guy 2: Thats nothing, my son owns an airliner and just gave his best friend a private jet
Guy 3: Well my son is more success than that, he owns an architecture firm and just gave his best friend a castle
Guy 4 walks out of the bathroom and walks over to the other 3 guys
Guy 4: Hey guys what are we talking about
Guy 1: Oh, we are talking about how successful our sons are
Guy 4:Well, my son is a Gay stripper
Guy 2: You must be so dissappointed with what he's done with his life
Guy 4: Actually, he is doing very well for himself. He just got a Ferrari, a jet, and a caste from his three boyfriends.

You know what they say about people with an architecture fetish?

If you build it, they will come.

I'm worried I'm developing a fetish for architecture

but I'll cross that bridge when I come on it.

Where does the architecture school's principal send bad students?

To the suspension bridge.

I recently took a trip to learn more about Greek culture and to gain a greater appreciation of their amazing works of art and architecture.

The British museum is a really cool place.

I had to specify an IT system for the local anorexia clinic.

I recommended a thin client architecture.

Architecture joke, I had to specify an IT system for the local anorexia clinic.

What architecture can't be broken down by an earthquake?

A stable

What kind of beer do architecture majors drink at parties

Natural light

Top colleges are now offering a bachelors for mens hairdressing...

...but they call it "manscape architecture"

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