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Funniest Archery Short Jokes

Short archery jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The archery humour may include short crossbow jokes also.

  1. I tried blind archery today. For those who have never tried it, you don't know what you are missing!
  2. Have you guys tried the new sport of blindfold archery? You don't know what you're missing.
  3. Archery When asked what they are aiming for,
    A newbie will say precision,
    A pro will say grouping,
    And dads will say "the target."
  4. Coach always used to say "Aim for the skies, boy". He doesn't say that anymore after I blinded myself at archery practice.
  5. Did you hear about the time Orion lost an archery match? He was given a constellation prize.
  6. What did Orion receive when he won second place in the archery contest? The constellation prize.
  7. Why Wasn't the Green Pepper Able to Participate in the Archery Competition? It didn't habanero....
  8. A man who worked two jobs, archery manufacturing and mailman, was well known for his prowess in bed. He could make them quiver when he delivered.
  9. I'm going to combine my love for political activism with my love of archery so that I can stick it to the man from a distance
  10. I think my opponet is hacking Im in an archery league and my opponent hit 2 bullseyes i think they have aimbot
    (P.s please don't be to harsh)

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Archery One Liners

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  1. Why didn't the green pepper practice archery? Because it didn't habanero.
  2. Why couldn't the pepper do archery? Because he didn't habanero
  3. Have you ever tried blind-folded archery? You don't know what you're missing.
  4. I'm quite bad at archery But I aim to improve
  5. How do you improve your archery? With better arrow dynamics.
  6. Has anyone else tried blindfolded archery? Honestly, you don't know what you're missing.
  7. Why was the Mexican bad at archery? He didn't habanero
  8. Why are ghosts good at archery? Because they use crossboos!
  9. What do you call a lying bowman who loves math? A fibbin archery
  10. How did you learn archery? I'm elf-taught.
  11. To the people making fun of archery... cant try it until you nock it.
  12. I'm not a fan of archery. It has too many drawbacks.
  13. Alot of people have been hitting at Targets lately. I see people like archery now.
  14. I recently got into archery There's a bit of a drawback, but I think it's quite fun!
  15. I went to an archery range. I shot a lot of targets in arrow.

Archery joke, I went to an archery range.

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What funny jokes about archery you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean bowling jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make archery pranks.

Lord of the Bow

So I was telling my friend about my prowess with a bow and arrow yesterday. I said "my best round ever didn't start so well, I only scored 1 point with each of my first two arrows. Got better after that, scored 2 with the next, then 3, then 5. On my 12th and final arrow I managed to score 144."
She was quick to point out that this was impossible, so I had to confess it was a fibbin' archery sequence.

Why couldn't the pepper practice archery?

He didn't hab-an-e**....

Archery joke, I'm not a fan of archery.

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