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I have an archaeology exam tomorrow

And it doesn't matter if I pass or fail because either way...

My future's in ruins.

I'm surprised the University of Alabama doesn't offer a major in archaeology.

I heard they are really into relative dating out there.

My career's in ruins!

A man walks into a bar and finds its patrons raucously celebrating with a young man standing on the bar shouting for more drinks, on him.

He walks up to the bar and shouts to the young man, What's the occasion?

My career's in ruins! the lad cackles.

The man, shocked, replies, Then why the hell are you celebrating?

I've just completed my PhD in archaeology!

Never invest in Egyptian archaeology

It's a pyramid scheme

Why did all the students from Alabama skip the archaeology lecture?

They were already experts in relative dating.

I've lost interest in dating

I decided to tell my therapist that archaeology just wasn't my thing anymore.


really is a career in ruins.

My ex should go into archaeology.

He's excellent at digging up and analyzing the past to put on display.

I went to an archaeology party where the game was looking for a lower leg bone.

It was a real shindig.

Joke: In my intro to archaeology lab, I had a pop-quiz about bones in the human body

I couldn't find that humerus either

Why do so many girls do archaeology degrees?

Because they love digging up the past.

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