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How do you stump an archaeologist?

Hand them a used tampon and ask what period it comes from.

Archaeologists are the ultimate hipsters

They love all that underground stuff.

Why did the archaeologist go bankrupt?

Because his career was in ruins

Childish but made me laugh

How do you embarrass an archaeologist? Show him a used tampon and ask, "What period is this from?"

jokes about archaeologist

An archaeologist notices his partner appears to be nibbling a fossil...

Curious, he walks over and asks, "What you got there?"
"Not sure", replies the fellow, "But you have got to try-a-lil'-bite!"

Archaeologists are incestuous people,

they date their mummy's

Why did the archaeologist ask a diamond out to dinner?

Because of his enthusiasm for Carbon-Dating.

Archaeologist joke, Why did the archaeologist ask a diamond out to dinner?

What did the lady archaeologist say

I have a "bone" to pick with you

Archaeologists digging in Egypt have found a Mummy embalmed with chocolate and hazlenuts

It's believed to be a Pharaoh Rocher

Why is the archaeologist sad?

Because his career is in ruins.

Archaeologists have found a hidden chamber in Tutankhamun's tomb

Archaeologists have found a second mummy inside Tutankhamun's tomb. The mummy appears to be covered in chocolate and hazelnuts. Experts believe it is the remains of Pharaoh Rocher.

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Archaeologists have discovered a mummy in Egypt encased in chocolate and surrounded by hazelnuts

They are calling it "The Pharaoh Rocher"

What's a woman ideal husband?

An archaeologist. The older she gets the more interested he becomes.

I was dating an archaeologist but I had to break up with her

Turns out she was a gold digger.

My archaeologist friend has invited me to a party to celebrate finding an ancient man's leg.

It should be quite a shin-dig.

How do you troll an archaeologist?

Give him a used tampon and ask which period it's from.

Archaeologist joke, How do you troll an archaeologist?

I'm an archaeologist...

My life is in ruins.

Archaeologists found Beethoven furiously erasing his music

When asked what he was doing Beethoven responded "I'm decomposing"

My Exgirlfriend Was An Archaeologist.

She loved digging up the past.

Archaeologists discover the remains of a slave-worker under famous statue in Giza

Reports claim he died of Asphinxiation

why are archaeologists so proud of their study?

their work is always groundbreaking

How to irritate an archaeologist?

Show him a used women's pad and ask him which period it belongs to.

Never become an archaeologist...

your life will be in ruins.

I was an archaeologist once...

But my career ended in ruins

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of an ancient civilisation of chalk people.

They are now determining when they were wiped out.

My career is in ruins.

It's great being an archaeologist.

Archaeologist joke, My career is in ruins.

Why wasn't the archaeologist interested in girls?

Because he only dated mummies.

Why was the archaeologist sad?

Because his career was in ruins!!

Give me your downvotes; I AM FUELED BY YOUR DOWNVOTES!!!!

Why does an archaeologist make the best husband?

Because the older she gets, the more interested he will be in her

Archaeologists have recently found a mummy while excavating a tomb in Egypt

Oddly enough, the mummy was covered in chocolate and hazelnuts. They believe it to be the tomb of Pharaoh Rosher.

Archaeologists have been searching around ..

Archaeologists have been searching around The Great Pyramids, and have come across a mummy covered in hazelnuts and chocolate. After more research it has been discovered it was the late Pharaoh Roche

Archaeologists have found a tampon in the desert

They're trying to work out what period it came from.

How to embarrass an archaeologist:

hand them a used tampon and ask, "which period is this from?"

An archaeologist is a dream job...

Because then it's okay when your life is in ruins.

Archaeologists say that Roman cement was stronger than it is in modern times...

I need to see some concrete evidence

Archaeologists recently unearthed a computer dating back to prehistoric times

It had a jurassic pterobyte of storage space

Archaeologists discovered an ancient city in Iraq.

According to the archaeologists, ancient Iraqis looked like skeletons, lived underground, and walked lying down.

What song does an archaeologist listen to when their work site is closed?

No Diggity

What did the hipster from Pompeii say to the archaeologist who discovered him?

"I was into volcanic ash before it was cool."

What's the difference between an archaeologist and a grave robber?

The robber does the crime, then does the time. The archaeologist does the time, then the crime.

How do you confuse an Archaeologist?

Give them a tampon and ask them what period its from.

What do you call a jewish archaeologist?

Torah the explorer.

Why do archaeologists collect used tampons?

They like to figure out what period they came from..

How do you know you have a crush on an archaeologist?

You just dig them

How did the two archaeologists fall in love

Carbon dating.

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have.

The older she gets, the more interested he is in her.

Why do archaeologists get all the girls?

Because they have the best dating techniques.

It's no fun being an archaeologist.

Everybody you try to date is long dead.

How is working at McDonald's like being an archaeologist in Athens?

Either way, you end up smelling like ancient grease.

How do you piss off a female archaeologist?

Give her a used tampon and ask her what period it came from.

My friend is an archaeologist...

He was complaining about not having any money. Dunno what he's talking about, though. He is an archaeologist and he's surprised that his career lies in ruins?

Why are most archaeologists women?

Because of their inherent ability to dig up the past

John the archaeologist is digging under a theatre and discovers 5 pots of gold coins...

Ecstatic, he tells his lead archaeologist

"Graham, I've found 3 pots of gold coins!"

"What's that John? You've found 2 pots of gold coins?"

"That's what I said, a whole pot of gold coins!"

My archaeologist friend was looking sad at work, so I asked him if there was something wrong

"Of course there is!" He said.

"My work is in ruins!"

Never marry an archaeologist.

They're always digging up the past!

I'm an archaeologist

My ruins

Why do archaeologist lead sad lives?

Because their career lies in ruins.

Archaeologists just excavated an ancient bank

It put them in financial ruin

Archaeologists suck at relationships...

... that's why they are dating dinosaours

How is working at McDonald's like being an archaeologist in Athens?

You end up smelling like ancient grease.

Archaeologists found a mummy adorned with ancient nuts and wrapped in gold foil.

They believe it may be the legendary Pharaoh Rocher.

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