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Make everyone laugh with these hilarious jokes about Arches! These jokes, featuring St. Louis' iconic Gateway Arch, the Royal Arch masonry tradition, Arch Linux, devotion, and yes, even Gesundheit and Bosch, are sure to make any gathering more fun.

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Archaeologists are the ultimate hipsters

They love all that underground stuff.

Why did the archaeologist go bankrupt?

Because his career was in ruins

An architect, a lawyer, and a hunter were sitting at a bar.

The three men were having a debate about whose job was the oldest.

"Obviously it's my job," bragged the hunter. "Cavemen got their food by hunting, which makes my job older than civilization."

"Yes," the architect replied, "but if you read the Bible, it says God created the universe out of darkness and chaos. This technically makes God the architect of the universe."

The lawyer simply smirked. "True, but who do you think invented darkness and chaos?"

An archaeologist notices his partner appears to be nibbling a fossil...

Curious, he walks over and asks, "What you got there?"
"Not sure", replies the fellow, "But you have got to try-a-lil'-bite!"

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Why did the archaeologist ask a diamond out to dinner?

Because of his enthusiasm for Carbon-Dating.

I have an archaeology exam tomorrow

And it doesn't matter if I pass or fail because either way...

My future's in ruins.

Why did no one like the Archer

Because he was too arrowgant!

Arch joke, Why did no one like the Archer

Archaeologists digging in Egypt have found a Mummy embalmed with chocolate and hazlenuts

It's believed to be a Pharaoh Rocher

Why is the archaeologist sad?

Because his career is in ruins.

Archeologists in South Africa have just discoved what they think is the oldest t**... ever found

They are trying to find out what period it came from

Archaeologists have found a hidden chamber in Tutankhamun's tomb

Archaeologists have found a second mummy inside Tutankhamun's tomb. The mummy appears to be covered in chocolate and hazelnuts. Experts believe it is the remains of Pharaoh Rocher.

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Archaeologists have discovered a mummy in Egypt encased in chocolate and surrounded by hazelnuts

They are calling it "The Pharaoh Rocher"

Why was the archeologist depressed?

because his career was in ruins

Archimedes law of bathing

When your body immersed in water, the phone rings

My archaeologist friend has invited me to a party to celebrate finding an ancient man's leg.

It should be quite a shin-dig.

I'm an archaeologist...

My life is in ruins.

Arch joke, I'm an archaeologist...

A bridge killed my family...

We're arch enemies now.

Archaeologists found Beethoven furiously erasing his music

When asked what he was doing Beethoven responded "I'm decomposing"

Archaeologists discover the remains of a s**...-worker under famous statue in Giza

Reports claim he died of Asphinxiation

Do you know what the arch enemies of skinheads are?


Never become an archaeologist...

your life will be in ruins.

I was an archaeologist once...

But my career ended in ruins

What do you call competitors of McDonald's?

Arch enemies.

Why did the bee fly in a parabolic arch?

Just bee-cos.

Why are archers good at building planes?

Because they're experts in arrow dynamics

I became an architect just west of Japan.

It was a bad Korea choice.

Arch joke, I became an architect just west of Japan.

What did the architect do at the nightclub?

He raised the roof.

Two archers are sipping pints in a pub.

The first archer says, "Did you see the new leathersmith? He's a beast of a man with eyes as black as night."

To which the second archer replies, "Aye, he makes me quiver".

Why wasn't the archaeologist interested in girls?

Because he only dated mummies.

Why was the archaeologist sad?

Because his career was in ruins!!

Give me your downvotes; I AM FUELED BY YOUR DOWNVOTES!!!!

Archaeologists have recently found a mummy while excavating a tomb in Egypt

Oddly enough, the mummy was covered in chocolate and hazelnuts. They believe it to be the tomb of Pharaoh Rosher.

When my wife was putting on her makeup, I told her that she had put too much arch in her eyebrows.

She looked surprised.

Archaeologists have been searching around ..

Archaeologists have been searching around The Great Pyramids, and have come across a mummy covered in hazelnuts and chocolate. After more research it has been discovered it was the late Pharaoh Roche

How do you know archeologists are lonely?

Theyre always coming up with new dating techniques.

Archaeologists have found a t**... in the desert

They're trying to work out what period it came from.

How often did the architect have to put long narrow paths in his blueprints?


Archaeologists say that Roman cement was stronger than it is in modern times...

I need to see some concrete evidence

Why don't archeologists get married?

They are only interested in dating.

My ex should go into archaeology.

He's excellent at digging up and analyzing the past to put on display.

Archaeologists discovered an ancient city in Iraq.

According to the archaeologists, ancient Iraqis looked like skeletons, lived underground, and walked lying down.

Ever since I became an archeologist

My career has been in ruins

Where does the architecture school's principal send bad students?

To the suspension bridge.

Why do archeologists make bad girlfriends?

They always dig up the past...

An archeologist finds three coffins. The first two have ornate drawing of a person covering each of their front sides. The third one, however, possessed only a primitive sort of stick figure. Who did the archeologist think was buried in the last coffin?

The coffin painter

Archeologists in Egypt have discovered a mummy covered in chocolate and hazelnuts.

They believe it to be Pharaoh Rocher.

Two Scientists walk into a bar

Bartender comes around

The bartender: What will you be having?

Scientist 1: I'll have some H20

The bartender hands him a glass of water

The bartender: And you?

Scientist 2: I'll have some H20 also

Scientist 2's arch nemesis disguised as the bartender: -Snaps finger- So close

Archie: "Right guys, so it says 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 so the next two numbers have to be 34 and 55

Me: "You've gotta be fibbing Archie"

Why do archaeologists collect used tampons?

They like to figure out what period they came from..

Archimedes wasn't just known for inventing his many inventions. He's also considered to have invented the first insult when talking to his brother who was a cheese maker after discovering a early form of lindburger cheese....

He simply stated, You reeka!

How did the two archaeologists fall in love

Carbon dating.

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have.

The older she gets, the more interested he is in her.

I went to an archaeology party where the game was looking for a lower leg bone.

It was a real shindig.

Why do archaeologists get all the girls?

Because they have the best dating techniques.

One arch said to the other arch: „I hope you collapse and die.

You see, they were arch enemies.

An archeologist was doing his job one day...

...when he uncovered an ancient-looking stone carving in the shape of the Arabic letter D . When his site manager saw this, he told the archeologist to put it back where he found it and to never dig up something like that again. The archeologist asked the site manager why.

He replied, I like the way you're working, but no dig a D.

I regret posting this already.

I have a rival, but I can only fight him when we meet up under curved architectural structures.

He's my arch enemy.

What architecture can't be broken down by an earthquake?

A stable


When asked what they are aiming for,

A newbie will say precision,

A pro will say grouping,

And dads will say "the target."

Archeologists have just discovered the oldest known t**....

They just dont know what period it's from.

Do you know that most archeologists are women?

They are pretty good when it comes to dig things from the past.

Why did Archimedes take a bath?

Because his wife said "You reek-a"

Why are most archaeologists women?

Because of their inherent ability to dig up the past

What does an archeologist do in alabama?

Relative dating

Archangel Michael has just created a duck-goose with giant teeth and wants to show his magnificent creation to God.

He comes to God's presence and says: "look what beauty I made, I'm just not sure where to put it"
God thinks for a moment and says: "how about you put it in Australia with all the other nonsense you've created."

My archaeologist friend was looking sad at work, so I asked him if there was something wrong

"Of course there is!" He said.

"My work is in ruins!"

I stuck some pins in a Voodoo Doll of my Arch enemy

I managed to cure his backache

And help him quit smoking

Archibald Strange was an honest lawyer (no, that isn't the joke)

He was getting old, so he went to the undertaker to plan what his grave would be.

"I want it to say 'Here lies Archibald Strange, a lawyer and an honest man,'" he said.

"I can't do that," replied the undertaker, "People would think I was burying multiple people in the same grave. I'll tell you what. It can say 'Here lies an honest lawyer.'"

"But then they won't know it's me."

"Of course they will. People will read it and say 'That's strange.'"

I'm an archaeologist

My ruins

As an archeologist, I organized a party with my friend to help me excavate the lower leg of a T Rex fossil...'s going to be quite a shin dig.


really is a career in ruins.

Why do archaeologist lead sad lives?

Because their career lies in ruins.

Why are archeologists great husbands?

The older the wife the more they are into them

Why did the archeology student stay after class?

He had a bone to pick with his professor.

Archeologists have discovered a mummy covered in chocolate and nuts.

They believe it's Pharaoh Rocher

Archeologists say that in very rare cases, you can experience a mummy f**... in their crypt.

If you get the chance to experience this phenomena, you can call that toot uncommon.

Why do archeologist stay annoyed?

They always have a bone to pick

What did the architect do after his wife left him?

He went back to the drawing board.

Archaeologists just excavated an ancient bank

It put them in financial ruin

Archaeologists s**... at relationships...

... that's why they are dating dinosaours

Archaeologists found a mummy adorned with ancient nuts and wrapped in gold foil.

They believe it may be the legendary Pharaoh Rocher.

An archeologist walks into a bar

An archeologist walks into a bar, orders a beer and gives a heavy sigh. "What's wrong?" the bartender asks. "I thought I discovered a fully intact dinosaur skeleton at my dig yesterday," the archeologist laments. "Sadly, upon further excavation today it turns out that it was just a fossil arm."

Archibald Spooner was allegedly an ornithologist.

Well, he was actually more of a word botcher.

I think this sub can do with some more archeology jokes.

But they are hard to uncover

You meet a vegan pilot that's running for senate that went to Havard and does crossfit. What's the first thing they tell you?

"I use Arch btw"

Three archaeologists met in a seminar.

The British said: we dug very deep and found sculpted animal bones. This proves that my ancestors invented art.

The German said: we dug very deep and found a plate-size disk showing the solar system. This proves that my ancestors invented astronomy.

The Italian said: we dug very deep and didn't find any wires. This proves that my ancestors invented wifi communication.

An archaeologist once dated a woman

She was 20,000 BC

Did you know that Archaeopteryx ate worms?

After all, it's an early bird.

What did Archimedes say when he peed in the bath?


I told the architect that the pool should be 6 feet deep

But he was working in metric and just couldn't fathom it

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