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Playful Arabic Jokes to Add Joy and Laughter to Your Group

What do you call a cowshed in Arabic?

A Mubarak

What do you call an Arabic rapper?

Vanilla Isis

What did the policeman say when the Arabic man escaped from jail?


What is the Arabic word for Priest?


jokes about arabic

Have You Heard of the Arabic Santa Clause?

No? Me either. It's because he's on the No-Fly list.

How do you say goodbye in Arabic?


Some idiot asked me what the 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet is...

And all I could say was, "Wow".

Arabic joke, Some idiot asked me what the 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet is...

Why did the unfaithful Arabic woman cross the road?

To get to the other Sayid.

Tomorrow you should turn back our clocks one hour. for Daylight Saving Time

Unless you're Arabic, in which case you should set it forward 14 centuries.

I've started learning Arabic

So I know when to start running.

What do you call an Arabic chief who loves dairy products?

A milk-sheikh

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I told a good drone joke in arabic

It went over american's heads, but it killed in the middle east

Marine Le Pen, recount the vote!

I do not trust Arabic numbers, use Roman numerals.

My Arabic s**... doll

blows itself up

I don't understand numbers,

It's all Arabic to me.

"Are you really from France?"

"Yes, I am."

"Prove it. Say something in Arabic."

Arabic joke, "Are you really from France?"

What do you call an Arabic s**...?

What do you call an Arabic dairy farmer?

A milk sheikh.

What did the Arabic neckbeard name his son?


TIFU by downloading a movie from an arabic website. The language was dubbed.

And before you all go on saying wrong sub, well, yes, that was arabic too.

The word j**... gets a bad rap, but really it's just the Arabic word for struggle.

Trying not to overeat at Golden Corrall? Now that is j**....

Allahu Snackbar.

What do you call an Arabic amphibian?

A sallah-mander

When can yelling "God is great" to people be a bad thing?

When you yell it in Arabic

What do you call an Arabic guy who's down in the dumps?

Saad Maan

Why did the Arab-Jamaican get offended by Pokemon?

Because in Arabic there is no P only an F


Frank wanted to learn Arabic. So he got himself an Arabic teacher, she taught him a few words. The she asked him what is his name, he answered Ana Frank

Ana = I am. Or me

Arabic joke, Frank

My Arabic friend was thinking about throwing his Gillete razors away but decided not to

In spite of everything, they're still the best Aman can get

I had some really terrible Arabic food today

I tell ya, it was fal-awful!

Burka Insurance

Did you know that Arabic women can get 100% coverage on burka insurance?

What do you get when you cross slow dancing with Arabic royalty?

Dancing Sheikh to Sheikh.

A man asked a scholar if it is okay to scratch your hand while in pilgrimage...

Hey guys, it is bedtime now and am pretty depressed after a long bad day. Remembering this story-found in Arabic literature-made me chuckle so I hope it will brighten your day too.

A man asked a scholar if it is okay to scratch own arm while in pilgrimage?

The scholar: yes, you can.

Man: to what extent?

The scholar: until you see the bones!!!

Another joke translated from Arabic

A man was walking home from work when he got in a car accident

His wife comes in a hurry to the hospital and asks the Doctor how he's doing the Doctor says

We got him out of intensive care but he died

A joke originally told in Arabic

The doctor asks him what is that dreaming problem.

"Every night I go to sleep," the man says. "I dream of a soccer match between a team of elephants and a team of ants"

"Ok, take this medicine," the doctor says. "It will fix the problem."

The man refuses though and says:

"Can I take it tomorrow though? Today is the finals"

Two Arabic women are in a car, who is driving?

Their husband

an old arabic joke my uncle told me

a dumb guy fell down and hurt his back badly, he had to go to the hospital

the doctor told him: "just take this cream and apply it to the area of injury"

he went home and rubbed the cream on the staircase.

Thought I heard someone say Hello in Arabic

But it was a false Salaam

An archeologist was doing his job one day...

...when he uncovered an ancient-looking stone carving in the shape of the Arabic letter D . When his site manager saw this, he told the archeologist to put it back where he found it and to never dig up something like that again. The archeologist asked the site manager why.

He replied, I like the way you're working, but no dig a D.

I regret posting this already.

An Arabic man goes to visit his friend in Canada.

First they go out to lunch and the Arabic man orders a Bebsi and a bizza . His friend corrected him and said it was Pepsi and pizza.
The next day, they went to camp in the woods. The Arab goes to pee and comes running back.
What happened?! exclaimed his friend.
I saw a pear!

I brought my Arabic friend to the zoo to see Llamas for the first time.

Once we got near them I told him which of the animals was a Llama, and then asked if he thought they looked good.

He turned to me with a confused look on his face and said,

We've been talking for a while, why did you just greet me again?

Equally confused, I replied,

I didn't, I just said That's a Llama, Like 'em?

I asked my Arabic friend how he made all his money…

He said it was 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Be named Muhammed.
Step 2: Start a new religion.
Step 3: Prophet.

A joke in Arabic

Let's hope this translation works.
A guy who was wasted went to take a p**... in an ally next to a barrel, passed out fell in the barrel pants down, a**... in the air.
A guy who was super high passed by and saw the a**... .. picked a stick and shoved it up the drunk's a**..., the drunk screams.
*No wonder why people are becoming so spoiled this a**... works fine and they throw it in the trash*

what is an Arabic ruler's favorite flavor of potato chips?

Sultan vinegar.

Arabic Joke: What do you call a bee that is really nice around you?

A Habi-bee

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