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An 18 year old walks into a bar with an AR-15

He gets kicked out as he is below the drinking age

An 18 year old in America is allowed to buy an AR-15, vote, enlist in the army, buy cigarettes, get a lottery ticket, and die for their country...

...but god FORBID they try to rent a car.

What do Marco Rubio and an AR-15 have in common?

They're both really easy to buy in Florida.

Several years ago, the military upgraded the AR-15 to an AR-18, but quickly abondoned the new weapon.

When asked about what happened to the new guns, a general replied,
" They Argon."

I think that people who say AR-15 stands for assault rifle are stupid.


What did the School Shooter say to the Cashier after he bought his AR15?

It's for Educational Purposes.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

That's why school shooters use the ar-15

Its useful having a muslim friend

He's handy at school when the police are coming and your AR-15 is out of ammo.It's like having a human RC-XD at your disposal.

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