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The Best jokes about Aquaman

Woah, is Aquaman running after your gardener?

No, he's Jason Mamoa

How does Aquaman get his news?

He streams it on SeaNN.

What did Aquaman say to Mera when she got new shoes

Water those

I think Jason Momoa looks terrible as Aquaman...

...they should have chosen someone who looks more finnish.

What martial art Aquaman learnt in Atlantis?

Crab MagΓ‘

Why did Aquaman join the DC universe instead of Marvel?

Because he was hydra-phobic.

Why did they have to call Aquaman Aquaman

Because they couldn't call him Seaman

Critics are comparing Aquaman to Black Panther

At first glance, the movies do appear similar. They both feature ancient sci-fi utopias hidden from the rest of the world. In each movie, theres a fight for the throne in order to stop a war. However, they are ignoring one major difference: the characters in Aquaman can swim.

AquaMan + Alcohol

Q: Why does AquaMan drink?

A: He's an Ethyl MerMan.

What does Aquaman style his hair with?

BP Oil

Aquaman's mom

What does Aquaman say before banging his mom?

''Incestuous Sex!''

What do Aquaman and money market investors have in common?

They prefer liquid environments.

What do you call Aquaman fighting crime in Antartica?


Would Ariel and aquaman be a good couple

Nah she would just be a beach

β€ͺDon't you wish Aquaman was black

β€ͺIt would give a reasonable explanation why he is always under water‬

Who's Son of a beach?


Anyone excited for the Aquaman movie? It might be my favorite sequel ever.

The Waterboy was hilarious.

They should make a prequel to the new Aquaman movie and call it....

The Waterboy.

Aquaman was not a good experience for me.

I forgot to bring my swimming goggles.

What do you call a waterboy once he turns 18?


Asked my friend to come get drinks but he said he was going to go see Aquaman with his girl

Sounds fishy...

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