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  1. I've never understood the Navy's colour being Navy blue. I though they were the aqua-marines.

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Aqua One Liners

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  1. How do you keep water warn in the winter? Have it wear an aqua-fur.
  2. I must be Aqua Regia I never seem to have Gold.
  3. Aqua Regia: The New Fragrance Feel the burning of desire.
  4. If Jesus and Aqua man got into a fight I bet Jesus would walk all over him.
  5. What do you call a Mexican Water Monster? El Chupa-Aqua!
  6. How does water stay warm during the winter? It wears an aqua-fur.
  7. What's blue is a superhero sidekick? Aqua-Marine
  8. What do you call Dracula when he goes swimming? Aqua-Vlad

Aqua joke, What do you call Dracula when he goes swimming?

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Some aquatic mammals at the zoo escaped.

It was otter chaos.

I kept asking the aquarium owner about the walking fish.

He said 'you axolotl questions!'

I was at the zoo's aquatic exhibit, staring at the lone dolphin and pondering that I couldn't remember what noise they make.

Then it clicked.

Aquarium decorations on clearance!

Sorry, no reef funds.

How does Aquaman get his news?

He streams it on SeaNN.

What did Aquaman say to Mera when she got new shoes

Water those


Dude I: How do know if a fish is male or female?
Dude II: I don't know. How?
Dude I: Well, you take some bread and feed the fishes a little bit... and if she ate it, then it's a female, and if he ate it, then it's a male.

The Aquatic Research Fish ponds overflowed last night because of heavy Rain.

it flooded the residential area nearby. A man walked into his back yard the next morning and saw his entire basement was filled with water, and hundreds of fish swimming in his pool. He went in his house and called his insurance company. He told the representative what happened. She replied "Sorry, we don't cover acts of Cod."

Why did the aquarium have an existential crisis when the dolphins were released to the wild?

It lost its porpoise.

Why did Aquaman join the DC universe instead of Marvel?

Because he was hydra-phobic.

AquaMan + Alcohol

Q: Why does AquaMan drink?
A: He's an Ethyl MerMan.

My aquarium is missing quite a few parts


What do you can an aquatic invertebrate that works for the government?

Anemone of the state.

What does Aquaman style his hair with?

BP Oil

Two aquatic mammals just broke up.

They wanted to sea otter people.

What aquatic animal can predict the future?


Aqua joke, What aquatic animal can predict the future?