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Why was Aladdin never constipated?

Because wherever he went, he always took Apu.


We were learning about reincarnation and how Hindus believe in it.

I called bullshit, and that pissed of the Hindu kid. We got into an argument, and then the teacher says "Guys, if Apu is right, you'll settle this in the next life. If Seth's right, then we can end this now."


Why did Homer think Marge was cheating on him?

Because she said she had just done Apu in the toilet


Just head about this Simpson's scandal, you know what I have to say about Apu?



Why was Homer Simpson in such a rush to get to the Kwik-E-Mart?

He desperately needed Apu.


What do you call a shitty cashier at a grocery store?



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