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Best Short Aprils Fools Jokes

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  1. "Sir, I'm gonna' let you off with a warning..." "THANK YOU SO MUCH OFFIC----"
    "April Fools....sign here."
  2. For April fools my girlfriend replaced my alphabits with Cheerios. I have no words to say how angry I am.
  3. April Fools! girl: babe I'm pregnant you're the father
    guy: can't fool me it's April's Fools Day!
    girl: haha! got me! you're not the father
  4. April Fools Day............ The day every newspaper tries to fool readers by sneaking in at least one properly researched, factually correct story.
  5. Easter this year is April Fools Day Just remember that so you don't fall for any crazy stories like people coming back from the dead.
  6. Why is World autism Day after April Fools' Day? Because it takes longer for them to get the joke.
  7. The last time Easter fell on April Fool's Day... ...Jesus tricked everybody by making them think he was dead for two days.
  8. Easter is on April 1st this year. Where we remember the original April fools joke performed by Jesus himself.
  9. Mommy mommy! Daddy hanged himself in the living room! *mom rushes to the living room*
    Kid: Haha! April fools! He did it in the attic!
  10. Happy Easter April Fools
    Now go pay your rent.

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Aprils Fools One Liners

Which aprils fools one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with aprils fools? I can suggest the ones about it april fools and april fools day.

  1. What is Mr. T's favorite month? April, fools
  2. What's the name of Mr. T's girlfriend? April, fools
  3. I just ran over my dog. April fools! I don't know whose dog it was.
  4. Girlfriend said "I think I'm pregnant, I'm two weeks late.. ..April fools!"
  5. I'm so happy and I don't want to die ^^April ^^fools
  6. My mom told me she hated me today She forgot to say April Fools
  7. What did the first person to get "April Fooled" say? Jesus! I thought you were dead!
  8. TIFU by delivering a punch line in the wrong place at the wrong time April Fools!
  9. What's Mr T's favourite month? April, Fools.
  10. I played an April Fool's joke on my parkour team this morning. They all fell for it.
  11. What do you call a female clown? April Fools
  12. I hate all of you April fools I love you all
  13. I finally switched from Internet Explorer to Chrome! Just kidding, happy April fools day!
  14. I told my mom she had epilepsy for April fool's day... She fell for it.
  15. My dad still hasn't come back yet I'm starting to think it wasn't an April fools joke

Comical & Quirky Aprils Fools Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

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April doesn't fool Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris fools April.

If you do not say it, they can't repeat it.

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Believe nothing, and trust no one. "So it's like any other day."

Do you think they named April Fool's Day in your honor?

The next time you have company, serve them a bowl of shelled peanuts.

After they've eaten a few handfuls, casually mention that you've never liked peanuts, but you love to s**... the chocolate off of them.

Walk up to a friend at work or school and whisper, "

They know." Then quickly walk away. Most people will wrack their brains wondering what they did that people found out about.

Offer to wake up early and make pancakes for your family.

Cut up round, pancake-size pieces of cloth beforehand. Coat the cloth pieces with batter and cook them up. They look like actual pancakes, but can't be cut, even with a knife.

Stretchy shrink-wrap can be loads of fun.

You can get it at most office supply stores. Completely wrap a friend's car, bike, or motorcycle. Extra credit: leave a large pink bow on top.

Dead Baby Jokes?

A mother who has just given birth waits expectantly for the nurse to return so she can hold her baby. A few minutes pass, and the nurse enters with the baby in her hands. The nurse then drops the baby on the ground, stomps on it's head and kicks it out of the window. The mother starts screaming 'My baby, my baby!!'
The nurse looks at the lady and says 'April Fools! He was already dead!'

Little Billy had been blind since birth...

...and one night his mom tells him "If you pray extra hard tonight God will allow you see in the morning."
So little Billy prayed his heart out before going to sleep that night. The next morning he opened his eyes and to his surprise he screamed out.
"Mommy I still can't see!"
"I know son, April fools."

The house phone

went at one minute past midnight last night, I answered and went all sombre as I was talking to the wife's Dad.
I came off the phone and told the wife her mother had died of a heart attack. She immediately got up and drove through the night from Cornwall to Aberdeen, she'll just be arriving now. This has to be my best April fools joke yet.

April fools in Latvia

Latvian ask friend if he want potato for lunch. Friend guess is April Fool joke. Say "Too easy, never potato in Latvia, only sadness." One man starve to death during lunch.

Timmy's April Fool's joke

The day is April 1st, and Timmy wanted to play an April Fool's joke on his mom.
His mom comes home from work, and Timmy rushes to her.
"Mommy! Mommy!" He says, frantically.
"What is it, Timmy?" She asks.
"Dad hanged himself in the garage!"
The mom screams, then rushes to the garage, but nothing is there. She walks back in the house.
"Nothing is in the garage." She says to him.
"April fool's!"
"Oh than-"
"He hanged himself in the loft."

What do you call Al-Qaeda's April Fools prank?

A jihahahad!

What did the victims of a month-delayed April Fool's prank feel?


I'm ginger, my birthday is on April fools day, I was born during a thunder storm, and I have a lazy eye... If anything, my life is a joke..

Happy April's fools!

... No really, what did you expect?

You know why the fiscal year ends in March and not December?

Because the next year starts with April Fools' day.

Honey, I slept with a stranger tonight.

April Fools'.
It was your sister.

Forgot it's April fool's!

What's the simplest way to really quickly get some friends so I can prank them?

What comes after March?

April, fools!

Today is your reminder that April Fool's is exactly 9 months away.

Time to start preparing your pranks and jokes. Especially if that joke is a child.

I just lost my virginity!!!!

April fools *s**...*

I just got awake from sleep, after 61 days

April Fools :D
got it ; 61 days ..earlier ..from today right, no ?
alright move on :|

What's Mr. T's favorite holiday?

April, Fools.

Mum, father hanged himself!

A little boy runs to his mum crying: "Mum, Mum", he screams, "Father hanged himself!"
"Where is he hanging?", his mum asks.
"In the attic!", the boy says.
So the mum and her son go to the attic but nobody's there.
"But he isn't there", says the mum in relief.
Then her son says: "April Fool! He's hanging in the basement!"

What's the sequel to April Fools, Neo?

The May Tricks.

A mother comes back home...

...and her son rushes to the door and tells her: "Mom, hurry up, dad has hanged himself in the bedroom!". The mother sprints to the bedroom but the room is all clear and there is no one there. The boy laughs and says "Haha April Fools! He hanged himself in the kitchen"

April 1st Operation

(Doctor walks out of operation room. A man quickly reached the doctor.)
"How's my wife? How's my baby?"
"Well your wife is okay, but... Your baby... umm..."
(Man starts crying)
"APRIL FOOLS! HAHAHA! Jokes on you!" (laugh)
(Man starts laughing with the doctor.)
"The fact is your wife died as well."

What is Mr.T's favorite month?

April FOOL

Why can't we have April fools every day?

At least all of the fake news is funny.

Your dad died in a car c**....

April fools! He died in a fire!

I just thought of a great April fools joke

If everyone posted original content all day. But it wouldn't last 5 minutes if we are realistic.

TIL that a recently discovered diamond pit in Argentina is so large, that the value of diamonds is expected to drop tenfold in the next four years

April Fools

So I met my girlfriend the other day

april fools! i don't have a girlfriend hahaha haha ha....ha.......

I've got really slow reaction times

April fools!

Why Do News Channels love April Fools Day?

Because it's socially acceptable to do what they already do every day of the year.

Billy's mom comes home to see him crying...

Billy, what's wrong son?
Dad hanged himself in the attic! replied Billy, "eyes in tears".
The mother rushes to the attic in a panic, quickly followed by her son.
As she gets up to the attic she notices that nothing is there and little Billy started giggling...
HaHaHa! April fool's mommy!!!
He hanged himself in the basement!

So a doctor is delivering a baby

He walks out of the delivery room, said to a worried looking man:
" we tried our best, your wife survived, but your children...."
After hearing the news the man started to cry, then the doctor said:
"today is April's fool's day! And I'm just kidding with you"
The man's face brightening the doctor continued:
"Your wife is dead too"

So I just learned that Easter and April fools are on the same day in Australia.

Jesus ain't no joke.

What did Jesus say when he rose from the dead on Easter Sunday?

April Fools! I'm not really dead!

Oh my good and fellow Christians! It has been foretold our Lord and savior will once again rise from the dead and bless us all this Easter!

April Fools!

Remember this Easter "He is risen!"

April Fools

Of course Thomas was skeptical, why not?

The first Easter was on April Fool's Day.

Dear Diary, I've got the best April fool's day prank planned for my friends.

I'm going to fake my death and return as a zombie! The looks on their faces will be priceless lolololol.

What did Jesus say to Mary on Easter?

April Fools!

Jesus, Good Friday: Ok guys I'm dead now.

Jesus, Easter Sunday: Gotcha! April Fools!

Did you know the first Easter and ther first april fools day coincided as well?

The founder of both was a real trickster... He faked his own death!
(I feel like I should put a note here: this is not to mock religion... It's just a joke. If this offends you please get a sense of humor.)

Whats a gangster's favorite month?

April, fool!

TIL why people hate April Fools Day.

It's April Fool's Day

You better watch out, you might actually hear a good joke today.

Some Roman soldiers are sitting in a bar, exchanging stories

One of the soldiers tell the others:
"I had the easiest shift the other night, just had to make sure this dead guy didn't crawl out of his tomb- slept through the whole thing."
As the soldier finishes, Jesus walks into the bar.
"April fool's"

This April fools, I decided to swipe right on only the ugly people on Tinder and then burn them.

Still no matches.

just got a new job and was to start today

Told them I won't be able to work
They said "Is it because its Sunday? You said you would on weekends." I said no that's not why.
They said "Is it because its Easter ? You said you would work holidays"
I said That's not it either. I won't be able to work because I am so tired and exhausted.
"Oh - Is this a joke because its Aprils fools day?"
I said "Its no joke - I just finished a 31 day march!"

Today I saw a boy running with a ticket on his hand at railway station..

Next thing I remember he was lying on the ground and ticket says 9 3/4 Hogwarts.
He missed april fools day

What did Mr. T say when he punched a girl in the face named April?


You might have thought Jesus died for your sins...

but he was alive the entire time. April Fools.

In the spirit of Easter, I've hidden eggs around the appartment.

In the spirit of April Fools, I'm not telling my roommates.

I decided to teach my cousins a lesson about Easter and April Fools today...

So I sent them on an easter egg hunt but didn't hide any eggs

What was the first thing Jesus said after he was resurrected?

April Fools.

A man wake up from a coma and see that Trump is president...

... he says "Wow this is a really elaborate April fool's joke".

Apple is a joke.

Apple was founded on the first of April 1976, That, if you don't know, is April Fools day. I have been fooled all my life.

Malcolm Turnbull plans to fix NBN over the next 5 years

Starting on April Fools Day

They told me I was getting holiday pay for working Easter...

... When I finished my shift, my manager said 'April Fool's!'

As an April fools joke, I told my SO that I was pregnant...

...sadly she didn't fall for it.

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