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Girls on dating apps get bombarded with too many lame and boring messages

For them, finding the good ones is like finding a needle in a hey-stack.

After recently getting into dating apps I came to the conclusion that Tinder is a lot like Little Caesars...

if you want it hot and ready, you're gonna have to take a hit on quality

So Apple made a spinoff of the iPod Touch...

...where you design all its features yourself. The color, storage, apps that come with it, basically everything.

However, it got banned from all Apple stores because of its name, the iTouchMyself.

Apps joke, So Apple made a spinoff of the iPod Touch...

Girlfriends are like phone apps

They come with in-app purchases, and need the reassurance of updates to function well.

Which dating apps do priests prefer to use?


I think I finally understand these dating apps

They all include they want something serious and long-term, so I went on a date last week, and gave her herpes.

What was the Russian doing on his new computer?

InStalin the apps.

Apps joke, What was the Russian doing on his new computer?

I keep meeting bi women on the apps

Every time I say hello they say Byeee

Are there any iOS developers reading this that can help me with something?

Just kidding, I know they're all too busy for Reddit after today's announcement, and are struggling to update their apps for tomorrows iOS 14 release.

I just got a bunch of cool apps and games for my Windows Phone

I feel like I only meet people now using hookup apps

the last time I met a guy in real life
I was out drinking

He told me he was a cop

I found that out when he pulled me over

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Which Disney Princess is always on dating apps?


I use to only check no one was home when I jerked off.

Now I close all the apps on my phone too, so no one can listen in on me.

Pokemon Go Is Just Like Tinder

Both apps require you to swipe to catch monsters in your area.

What dating apps do spiders use?


I write jokes for a living and write code for fun.

I should mention I am unemployed, but there is a company that lets me sit in their offices all day making mobile apps for some regular money.

Apps joke, I write jokes for a living and write code for fun.

Today i was happy...

that i could finally purchase cheaper iPhone X until i realize i was updating apps in Play store...

Its stupid of Apple to include Health apps with their products...

...Everybody knows that people with one Kidney are not supposed to run.

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