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Gurl, if I could rearrange the alphabet

I would make the first twelve letters be E,T,A,O,I,N,S,H,R,D,L and U. Those being the approximate order of the most frequently appearing letters in the English alphabet.

Guy goes to hospital and is seen by a nurse

"OK sir, if you could take your underwear off and we will see what the problem is".

The man is hesitant, "don't worry sir, I've been a nurse for 20 years, I've seen it all, I promise not to laugh." She says, reassuringly.

The man drops his undies and holds out his member, it is the same approximate dimensions as a AA battery, the nurse, despite her best efforts, let's out a small giggle.

She clears her throat, "I'm very sorry sir, I promise it won't happen again, can you tell me what the issue is please?"

"It's swollen." He says.

Approximately eighty million Americans are obese.

But those are just round figures.

The difference between the engineer, the physicist, and the mathematician..

The engineer believes equations approximate reality..

The physicist believes reality approximates equations..

The mathematician has no idea what the other two are talking about.

What does an approximately normal statistician eat for lunch?

A large CLT

Approximately how many cows does it take to stock a grocery store with beef?

Most of them won't even show up to work, but if you can get them there, two should be able to handle the job.

The son of a statistician was murdered.

His son vowed to one day approximate revenge.

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