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Vladimir Putin's approval rate is 80%...

The other 20% are missing.

What kind of aquatic animal thinks you did a good job?

The seal of approval.

There are two kinds of people I hate the most...

1. People who want other people's approval for their opinions

2. Karma whores

Upvote if you agree

Approval joke, There are two kinds of people I hate the most...

Biden has a higher approval rating among female voters than Trump

However it was the Mail voters that won Biden the Election.

Regarding the SCOTUS approval of gay marriage, Iowa representative Steve King has just said (and this is a real quote) "you could marry your your lawnmower with this decision".

Marrying your lawnmower is fine, but when it comes time to leave, writing that John Deere letter is the toughest part.

A Jew, Chinaman, American and a Indian are sitting around a table

... and they're all sipping on their bourbon. They're all very rich and they chinaman says " I think I will buy Apple. " And they all nod in approval save the jew.
Then the Indian says " I want to buy Google. " And they all nod in approval save the jew.
Then the American says " I want to buy Samsung " And they all nod in approval save the jew.

Then the jew shudders and says " sorry, not selling. "

If I had to define the word "controlling"...

I'd make sure I got my boyfriend's approval of the definition first.

Approval joke, If I had to define the word "controlling"...

Did you hear about the animal that pulled the girl into the water?

It was given the seal of approval.

"We divided the population as you requested Mr. President", announced the assistant at the door,"so we're just waiting for your approval on the memory wipe"

"Wipe the memories of groups 1-8, leave 9 and wipe 10 too." "Why leave 9 sir? 9 refers to children born between 1990 and 1999, why should they be left with their memories?"
The president looked out of the window
"Only 90s kids will remember this."

What haw two wings and an arrow?

A Chinese telephone.

(I'm Chinese and I give this joke the Chinese stamp of approval)

Putin has an 87% approval in Canada!

Whoops, I meant to say Poutine.

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How do Marine Animals pass new Legislation?

They ask the Seal of Approval.

Who authorizes all U.S. naval special operations?

The SEAL of approval.

Have you ever noticed that cigars and scotch taste the same?

They both taste like my dad's approval.

Fox News is reporting President Trump's polling at an all-time low....

...with only a 108% approval rating.

Two dudes were masturbating in my living room.

I told them to beat it but they didn't leave! They even thanked me for my approval! I don't approve and I'm appalled and offended.

Approval joke, Two dudes were masturbating in my living room.

I am so insecure and paranoid that I would like to kill myself.

But I'm too afraid to ask for approval.

I want to make a documentary about birds.

I need to get approval from a lot of progoosers.

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