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In this article, we explore the highly contested subject of cultural appropriation, with a focus on its use in humor. We examine the implications of making jokes at the expense of certain cultures and discuss the implications of using a different culture's artifacts in comedy. We also review the debate around its utility in breaking social stigmas and bringing opposing perspectives together. Read on to find out more!

Comical Appropriation Jokes and Gems that Will Get You in Laughter Land

What is it called when one biologist steals a petri dish from another biologist?

Cultural appropriation.

Apparently it's inappropriate for a group of white kids to put on a play of Aladdin, as it is racially insensitive and cultural appropriation. Possibly white washing.

I wonder if we'll see more Jews in Nativity Pageants come Christmas season this year.

Did you hear about the white biologist stealing a petri dish from his black colleague?

It was a case of cultural appropriation.

What do you call it when you are studying bacteria and someone steals your sample?

Cultural appropriation.

I stole a bike

And then got accused of cultural appropriation

I'm building an app to help people fall asleep at night. It'll be recordings of straight white men talking about gender identity, cultural appropriation and modern racism...

Name of the app is White Noise.

If I were to steal an experiment from a microbiology lab...

...would it be cultural appropriation?

Appropriation joke, If I were to steal an experiment from a microbiology lab...

Bonsai trees are

horticultural appropriation.

I used to clap at people when I would get into arguments but then my black co worker told me that that's cultural appropriation

So I changed my name to Darnell and started curling my hair

I would be great at math, but

My Asian friend would call it cultural appropriation.

Florida man cooks and eats dog.

Public outraged over cultural appropriation.

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What do you call it when a black person gets a job?

Cultural appropriation of white people

Eating dairy is wrong.

That belongs to the bovines, we have no right to take it from them. It's cow-tural appropriation.

Why did Luke Skywalker get in trouble for using the Live Long and Prosper sign?

It's because he was accused of cultural appropriation.

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