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I wanted to show appreciation to my new girlfriend's foot fetish. Little did I know the woman in the bed was her sister..

I got off on the wrong foot.

How did the editor fix the writer's article about appreciation for a certain valuable mineral?

A terrible hairdresser was known for cutting customers' scalps with scissors.

One such customer, fed up and covered in wounds, told the hairdresser off.

The hairdresser snapped back, "Hey buddy, show some appreciation! You only paid $5 for this haircut, and I've already used $10 worth of bandages!"

\- From "Philogelos", an ancient Greek joke book dated to around 200 AD.

Appreciation joke, A terrible hairdresser was known for cutting customers' scalps with scissors.

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-a....

But when I went in dressed as my wife they wouldn't give me my free chicken sandwich.

Tetanus isn't actually caused by rusty objects, but by bacteria in dirt, which we often associate with rusty nails and tools that can introduce the bacteria through wounds.

This is why tetanus vaccines are so important. For anti-vaxxers, that truth could be hard to swallow.

Any appreciation for lockjaw puns?

I finally got some quiet neighbors!

Every once in a while, I put some flowers on a few of their grave stones out of appreciation.

I'm going to the inaugural meeting of the Dodgem Car Appreciation Society later.

They're expecting a bumper crowd.

Appreciation joke, I'm going to the inaugural meeting of the Dodgem Car Appreciation Society later.

How do you show your appreciation towards black holes?

Thanks for nothing!

Never any appreciation

Sure, I might be one of the world's greatest pickpockets, but does anyone ever notice?

However, there was one time when I ended up in a police lineup, but even then I didn't get the recognition I deserved.

Let's show a little appreciation for smokers.

If it wasn't for them, it would have been many years until we could have charged our phones in cars.

What's Bill Clintons favorite holiday?

According to Lewinsky...
Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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My father, although a terrible person, had a great appreciation for electric chairs

He passed yesterday, but it was great to see his face light up for the last time.

The best student in my wine appreciation class is flamboyantly gay

But then they say that distinctly fruity overtones are the mark of a good sommelier

People have been so nice lately that Ive begun to give them a copy of The Hobbit every time.

You know, as a Tolkien of my appreciation.

Appreciation speech

I'd like to thank my arms for always being by my side. My fingers, I can always count on them, and the sidewalks for keeping me off the streets

I'm here all week.

Why was Beethoven always sad?

Because he never heard anyone give their appreciation for his compositions.

Appreciation joke, Why was Beethoven always sad?

"The Hobbit" was one man's gift to the world

A mere Tolkien of appreciation for all the world had done for him

Just want to show my appreciation to all the staff working in the Intensive Care Units by saying

I See You

Breast implant patient in appreciation for the surgeon's work said: "Thanks for the mammaries!"

I had to make a sign for the International Haiku club:

Haiku appreciation
Conference meeting

Thank you for coming....

to show my appreciation i have been practicing my fingering on a piano

Today is Short Girl Appreciation Day... (NSFW)

and I don't get it. I appreciate short girls every day; sometimes twice!

Statues need more appreciation

too often they are taken for granite

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