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Those Zoom doctor appointments are not very good.

Especially when your doctor has you stick your finger up your own ass and then you find out that he isn't really a doctor and you are in the wrong meeting.

Two men are waiting for appointments with their insurance claims adjuster.

They chat and learn they have a common bond. The first one says "My restaurant was wiped out by a fire, everything inside was wrecked."

The second one says "Mine was taken out by a flood, total loss too."

The first one thinks a bit then asks "How do you start a flood?"

Poop joke

I took my baby daughter to get her shots. As the pediatrician asks us about feeding and activities, she drops the question "How's the poop?"

I replied "I don't know. I haven't tried it."

I am not allowed to go to her doctor's appointments. :(

I was at the eye doctor with my 92 year old dad and they were asking people if they'd mind answering a few questions while they waited for their appointments. My dad said sure and we sat down in a corner with this lady.

She went through her survey and, at the end, asked him for his greatest strengths and weaknesses.

Well, weaknesses... he said I guess I sometimes have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality

"And your greatest strength? She asked.

Oh, I'm the Batman

My wife just got back from her OB/GYN appointments. He told her she cannot have sex 6 weeks.

I said, "That's fine but what did your dentist say?"

My wife said we should spice up our love life

What do you mean? I asked.

She said let's do a bit of role playing. I'll be the doctor and you be the patient .

Alright... I went with it, How are you, doctor?

We have no appointments till November. Goodbye .

My therapist thinks that I may have trouble trusting him because I'm always lying down flat on his couch at our appointments

But I'm not inclined to believe him

Appointments joke, My therapist thinks that I may have trouble trusting him because I'm always lying down flat on his c

Somebody stole my day planner, but I caught the guy...

He was at all my appointments.

Why do Old People have so many Doctors appointments?

So they don't get bored in retirement.

Why do people that go for chiropractic appointments cry afterwards?

Because they crack under pressure.

Having attended all prenatal appointments for two kids, i was disappointed my wife's obgyn didn't recognize me at the grocery store

Apparently she is just really bad with faces.

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What's the hardest event in women's gymnastics?

The doctor's appointments

How do you know if a person is horrible?

The Johns make appointments.

Reports show that adults aged 18-24 are the healthiest, with the least dr visits per age

But between you and me it's because my mom doesn't make my appointments anymore

I'm terrible at keeping track of appointments so I signed up for a time management class.

I showed up for class *a week late.*

[Heard just now on Freakonomics.]

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