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My girlfriend says I'm hopeless at fixing appliances.

Well she's in for a shock.

Why does a bride wear white?

So the dishwasher matches the rest of the appliances.

My kids say I'm hopeless at fixing appliances...

Well, they're in for a shock...

People are always worried about their cell phones or microwaves spying on them. Truth is, those are not the appliances you need to be concerned about.

It's your Vacuum Cleaner that you need to be worried about....'s been collecting dirt on you for years.

And then the fight started.

A son asked his mother the following question: 'Mom, why are wedding dresses white?'

The mother looks at her son and replies: 'Son, this shows your friends and relatives that your bride is pure.'

The son thanks his Mom and goes off to double-check this with his father.

'Dad why are wedding dresses white?'

The father looks at his son in surprise and says:

'Son, all household appliances come in white..

A son asked his mother, "Why are wedding dresses white?"

She replied, "It shows your friends and relatives that the bride is pure."

Then the son went and asked the same question to his father.

"All household appliances come in white," said his father.

My girlfriend says I'm hopeless at fixing electrical appliances.

Welp she's in for a shock.

Appliances joke, My girlfriend says I'm hopeless at fixing electrical appliances.

They say German durability and build quality is unmatched, especially for appliances such as ovens. How did they achieve such quality?

They tested their ovens 6 million times.

Old joke time, Why are wedding dresses white?

To match the other appliances in the kitchen.

Why do Brides wear white?

To match the rest of the household appliances.

"With people now being able to decide their own gender, how do you feel about people who identify as household appliances?"

"I'm certainly not a big fan."

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Wanna hear about my appliances?

My fan blows me away, the fridge is pretty cool, the vacuum s**... and the air ventilator just sits there and collects dust


My wife has made me buy an electric bread maker, electric stove, electric blender, electric toaster and other appliances. Now she's complaining that we have too many appliances and nowhere to sit down. So I bought her an electric chair.

I have Apple appliances in every room of my home.

In addition everyone in my household owns an iPhone, iPad or both. We are pretty diligent about keeping all of the devices synchronized with each other. All, except for some reason, the kitchen.

I guess you could say, everything but the kitchen's synch'd.

My wife said she wanted new kitchen appliances or some new bath bombs for our anniversary.

I compromised and bought her a toaster.

GF: I'm leaving you!

Me: Is it because I create gf nicknames out of names of kitchen appliances?

GF: No, it's because you're always making fun of my height

Me: You know I love you microbabe!

Appliances joke, GF: I'm leaving you!

What is it called when kitchen appliances get together for a meeting?

A cabinet.

How do kitchen appliances greet each other?

They microwave.

Why are wedding dresses white

So that the dishwasher matches the rest of the appliances.

Amazing times

We live in a time where household fixtures and appliances can be delivered right to your front door with but a click...

Let that sink in.

Why do women get married in white?

To match the kitchen appliances.

I hate my dodgy household appliances...

My hairdryer s**... and my vaccum blows.

Recently reconciled with my brother after a long conflict.

I apologised for slashing his tires, and he regretted breaking some of my home appliances.

But hey, it's all water under the fridge now.

Why do women wear white on their wedding day?

All good kitchen appliances come in white. (Don't hurt me)

My grandfather made a fortune manufacturing kitchen appliances

He was a fridge magnate.


I was minding my own business, singing in the shower.

When my boss appeared and fired me from the bathroom appliances shop.

Appliances joke, I was minding my own business, singing in the shower.

What do you call a reptile that ruins household appliances?

A crack-a-dial

I like my women like i like my kitchen appliances

Foreign, expensive, and dependable

The government is planning to ban articles about ironing appliances in the newspaper.

The freedom of press is no more.

Why do women have small feet and get married in white?

To match the kitchen appliances and get closer to the sink to wash up.

Did you hear about the kangaroo...

...who has been breaking into people's homes? he's been turning on and off lights and appliances. People are calling him the old Switcharoo!

Why do Brides wear white?

To match the other kitchen appliances.

PSA: European appliances may be hazardous to your health.

My friend said he gave his wife a Dutch oven and it made her sick.

Why are wedding dresses white?

It's the most popular colour of home appliances, washing machines, dishwashers,........

Always switch off appliances that you're not using in the night. Exceptions are refrigerators and life support...

Otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of vegetables.

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