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  1. Why is it so difficult to work at an apple pie factory? Because they have such a high turnover rate!
  2. I was in the supermarket and I saw a product that said, "Apple turnover". So beneath that I wrote: "billions a year".

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  1. Why is it hard to work at an apple pie factory? They have such a high turnover rate.
  2. What's Bill Gates's favorite dessert apple turnover
  3. How do you make an apple turnover? You flip it!
  4. Why did the jelly roll? It saw the apple turnover
  5. Why did the apple turnover? Because he got jealous of the jelly roll.
  6. Do orchards measure their success... in apple turnover?
  7. Why was the Apple upset at his factory job? ...because it has a high turnover rate.
  8. What do you get if you bake w**... into apple pastry? A high turnover.

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I was talking with my dad this morning in the kitchen

Me: My car is still having trouble starting. It starts but it turns over a few times before actually starting. I'm gonna have to check it out
Dad: That's not good. It'd be great in an iPhone, but not in your car
Me: ?
Dad: Well everybody loves apple turnovers