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  1. Why do chinese people love IPhones and Apple products? Because the greatest gifts are the ones your children made.
    (inspired by u/lorenzomofo 's comment on a
    r/nextfuckinglevel post)
  2. <> Apple has decided to cancel the children's iPod. Apparently iTouch kids isn't a good product name.
  3. Me- Alexa check my bank balance and tell me which apple product can I buy? Alexa- apple juice
  4. Apple came up with a tablet computer with touch screen, geared toward children. They cancelled the product when they realized nobody wants to buy something called iTouch Kids.
  5. When Microsoft and Apple ship faulty products Microsoft: We will fix that faulty battery timer through a software update. *never fixes it though*
    Apple: *quietly removes the battery timer*
  6. Very bad product name Did you guys hear that Apple scrapped its idea for an iPod touch for children when they realized that iTouch Kids would be a bad product name?
  7. Apple is set to release their new electric smart car in 2024... It will be the first apple product with windows.
  8. Apple wanted to launch a new product directed at children. In retrospect, it was probably not the best idea to call it "iTouch Kids".
  9. The Apple Store in my city was looted and thieves took off with $100K worth of products. Police make no arrests and say they were were able to recover both computers.
  10. Apple just announced a new line of hidden camera surveillance products, including a glass that sits on your bathroom sink. They're calling it The iCup.

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  1. Apple fitness products don't work. I tried the iHop and it only made me gain weight.
  2. Apple is releasing a new product called the iKnife. It's cutting edge technology.
  3. Apple just announced their next groundbreaking product The iShovel
  4. What is the best Apple product ? Apple juice
  5. Why didn't Adam buy Eve the new iPhone? Because Apple products are really expensive.
  6. How can you tell if someone uses Apple products? Just wait and they'll tell you.
  7. Will Apple ever release a product that lasts for more than a few years? iDoubtit
  8. What's the product name if Apple started making drones? iSoar
    (inspired by ImpulseSV)
  9. You could say the smell of a new Apple product is... Scent from my iPhone
  10. I'm boycotting apple products. Because they're taking away work from all those doctors.
  11. What do Porsche and Apple have in common? New product, same design.
  12. What do you call someone who always talks about apple products? An android user.
  13. Why are Apple products popular with hipsters? Steve Jobs went underground.
  14. Why do Canadians prefer Apple and Logitech products? Because they are so apple-lo-gitech
  15. People buying Apple products are so dumb. Sent from my iPhone.

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Much like Apple products, I also, am only compatible with myself.

Apple scraps a new product...

I've heard that Apple has scrapped their plans for the new children's-oriented IPod after realizing that "ITouch Kids" is not a good product name.


Americans: Iran and Iraq are countries, not Apple products, so say their names properly.

Which Harry Potter character is best suited for an apple product.

Sirius black

Its s**... of Apple to include Health apps with their products...

...Everybody knows that people with one Kidney are not supposed to run.

Apple's next big product is going to be a total fail

Just watch

In a short-sighted rushed effort to reboot the iTouch product Apple decided to market it to schools. Apple named their new product iTouch Kids. It didn't go over well...

It did great in the 12-25 prison stint group though.

More hipsters started using Apple products after Steve Job's death.

Because after that he was underground.

Did you hear about Jon Snow dropping his new Apple product?

And now his watch has ended.

Would you guys buy Apple's new product for lumberjacks?


What is the name of Apple's revolutionary new product that allows elite pirates to see from their eyepatches.

The iEyeCaptain

The hottest new Apple product in Asia

The iOpener.

Did you hear about Apple's new product?

It was a big 6s

Apple Products

My friend asked me why I don't like Apple products. Told her that the cables remind me of my ex-gf, white and k**...-free.

What do you call Apple's next beauty product?

The iLiner.

Apple products of late is a crime against good design

The iPhone battery case should be charged as an accessory

How come Apple-products have so small transistors?

Children have very small hands

Apple needs to build a product for older gentlemen who have become fathers.


What do you call a fake Apple product?

An i-phony

I asked a crow what its favourite Apple product was..


What genre do authors with apple products write?

macbook prose.

If you were an Apple product

You'd be an iSore.

Apple is going to release the first smart vacuum cleaner this year

The first Apple product that doesn't s**...
(not hating on apple or anything but i got this joke somewhere)

What is next best apple product for manchester united fans


I'm so done with Apple products!

Their phones can't do jack...

Apple finally releases a product that doesn't s**...


I feel like people are missing the point of the iPhone 7.

The best part about Apple products is you get to imagine the improvements.

Really s**... for those addicted to Apple products... there is no *escape*

Apple products

Remove the USB port and nobody bats an eye. Remove the headphone jack and everybody loses their minds!

My friend, Damian, is crazy for apple products

He's a macadamian nut.

With your current salary what Apple product can you buy?

Apple juice

Apple has created a new product only for the Chinese

It's called i-opener

A group of IPhones walk into a bar

Bartender: Get out!
IPhones: Why?
Bartender: I know you don't have any money!
IPhones: How?
Bartender: Because all you Apple products lost your Jobs years ago!

Apple has now turned to medical accessories!!

their first product is the Ipatch!

Apple likes to leave things out of their products. The phone I bough from them doesn't have a headphone jack...

and the car I bought from them doesn't have windows.

Apples new product just got announced for those with dry eyes


What do you call an Apple product's identification code?

A 'sirial' number.

Apple banned me from ever using their products ever again.

Because I said I was going to steal their Jobs.

What's a blind Texas gals favorite apple product right now?

Her iCane.

Apple products are actually worth the extra cost

If you consider all the money saved in doctor bills

Which is the most popular Apple product in the middle East?


Apparently, an Apple computer, built by Steve Jobs in his garage in 1976, sold for nearly $1 million...

Which makes it the most affordable Apple product currently on the market...

With your current balance, which Apple products you could buy?

Apple Juice

New Apple product...

Ice cream.

Have you heard about the new Apple product: iMouth?

It doesn't s**... at giving blow jobs

Apple will make a product that doesn't s**.......

when they make a vacuum.

I was in the supermarket and I saw a product that said, "Apple turnover".

So beneath that I wrote: "billions a year".

As with all Apple products...'ll cost you a rib to get repaired...

IHOP and IHOB both sound like Apple products

for an active person and a chef.

Did You Hear About The Man Who Saw The Largest Heist Of Apple Products Ever?

He was an IWitness

What is the most popular Apple product in China?

The iOpener

Me: hey you following the Apple event?

Friend : what's that?.. No I'm not following it
Me : New Apple products and improvements are getting announced today
Friend : anything free?
Me : iWish

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Because you have no money left after buying an Apple product

An Apple employee is getting a job application

Employer: Try to think of a product that begins with "I"
Employee: I can't think of one.
Employer: Good name, you're hired!

Eric Clapton Announced as new spokesperson Apple's music production suite Logic.

That guy sure hates Windows.

How do you milk sheep?

Release another Apple product.

When Apple collab with Samsung, their product won't last long

Because they're just Sample

Why does Eric Clapton only buy apple products

Because his son had a bad experience with windows

What's an Imam?

An I-mam is the oldest Apple product!

Apple is developing a product—invented by Bart Simpson—that cleans your vehicle.

The iCaroomba

Apple needs to come up with a new creative naming scheme for their products...

You know what iMean?

A little trip to Heaven

You know, I just came back from the dead. Well, they kicked me out, but that's a different story. The one thing I can tell you about heaven is that there are no windows in any of the houses.
Why, you ask?
Apparently, when Jobs died and went up there, he was put in charge of all advancements. So he replaced all windows with apple products. When asked why it was allowed, I was told that it's because the *i(s) are the windows to the souls*

Apple's Hiring Practices

Apple realized they needed new programmers, so they began putting out word that they were seeking experienced workers. Unfortunately, due to the incompatibility between Microsoft and Apple products, they decided is was best to refrain from hiring former Microsoft employees. Their solution to w**... them out was very simple:
The first question they would ask in an interview is for the candidate to count from 1 to 10.
[Obligatory not my joke, rephrase or one my Programming teacher told us]

A man goes to the Apple store

To upgrade his iPhone, wondering why all the new products looked the same as the old but had a plus next to them.
He asked an employee who said, "yeah if we add a plus next to the products people think they're better than the really are."
Later that night as the man was getting frisky with his girlfriend, she rolled her eyes as he excitedly disrobed. "Do you think you're going to do anything with those 2 inches?"
"What do you mean? Behold! I'm excited to announce the new and improved 2 inch PLUS!"

What do you call a communist apple product?

A we-phone

What kind of cookie does a crazy professor who only uses apple products prefer?

Macademia Nut