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An old farmer was picking apples. After filling up a bucket and walking back to the farm, he saw a group of beautiful women swimming in his pond

As he got closer, he realized they were skinny dipping. When the group noticed the old farmer approaching them, one girl shouts to him "we are not coming out until you turn away". The farmer, thinking quick, holds up the bucket of apples and says "I'm just here to feed the gator anyway"

A man is sitting in a train

and watches the guy on the other side of the aisle take an apple out of his pocket, cutting it open, picking out the seeds and chewing them.

Why are you chewing the seeds?
They make me smarter
Really? Could I have some?
Sure, dollar a piece

The man agrees and gets three apple seeds for three bucks. He chews them for a while, then says Wait a minute, for three bucks I could've bought two pounds of apples!

See, it's already working

A man calls the National Security Agency...

Man: Hello, I heard you record all our phone conversations, is that correct?

Agent: No sir, we don't do that

Man: Oh shoot. I was just talking to my wife and she gave me a list of things to do and I can't remember! I thought I would check with you rather than call her back and let her know I wasn't listening!

Agent: I'm sorry to hear that sir, but as I said, we don't listen to civilian conversations. However, you should:
1. Pick up a gallon of milk
2. 2 dozen eggs
3. 4 Macintosh apples
4. Help Sofia with her math homework

Apple employee pick-up lines.

"Are you a play button? Because I'd zero-length swipe that."

What's the difference between an apple and an orphan?

The apple always gets picked

What do you get when you mix a Mexican, and a octopus?

I don't know either but could you imagine that thing picking apples?!

What is the difference between an apple and an orphan ?

Apple gets picked

So a guy went apple-picking in the dead of winter

It was a fruitless effort

A farmer was picking apples when he heard a noise from his pond. He walks over and sees three young women skinny dipping.

They notice him and crouch in the water up to their shoulders. Go away! Stop spying on us! The farmer says Sorry ladies, but I didn't come out here to see you naked. Holding up his apple bucket he says I came to feed the alligator.

A man and a woman are on a date..............

Man: What is your job?

Woman: I'm a doctor

Man: Guess I won't be needing this \*picks up apple and throws it across room\*

Today I got my first paycheck from my fruit picking job.

It was Apple Pay.

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Going apple picking would be cool if you don't know grocery stores exist.

Chuck Norris can pick oranges from an apple tree and make the best lemonade youve ever tasted.

When ever I'm given the chance between apple juice or orange juice, I always pick apple. My friends ask me why and I say

Cause oj will kill ya

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