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  1. Me- Alexa check my bank balance and tell me which apple product can I buy? Alexa- apple juice
  2. Earlier today I really needed a drink to quench my thirst and apple juice wasn't really doing it for me but OJ did it
  3. They're teaching apple juicing down the road from me, but it got cancelled before I could go. It was a pressing issue.
  4. Why did the customer drink the apple juice? Although she had ordered orange juice, she noticed that the restaurant was busy, and wasn't Karen about it.
  5. Why do you get when you put an iPhone into a blender? Apple juice
  6. A Priest a Rabbi and a Scientologist walk into a bar... The Priest orders an orange juice, the Rabbi orders an apple juice and the Scientologist orders a lawsuit for libel, slander and defamation.
  7. Why don't boobies make apple juice? BECAUSE GIRLS ONLY HAVE A "PEAR" AHAHEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
  8. if apple had named battery acid it would probably be called "apple juice"
  9. What do iPhones use for battery? Apple juice
  10. What do you call Peter Parker after he drinks fermented apple juice? The Amazing CiderMan

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Apple Juice One Liners

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  1. Why do doctors recommend apple juice? Cause OJ will kill you.
  2. 4 out of 5 urologists... ...smell their apple juice before they drink it.
  3. You know why I drink apple juice? Because OJ will kill you
  4. What is the best Apple product ? Apple juice
  5. I asked my kids, "Why isn't an iPhone charger...?" "...called Apple Juice?!"
  6. Why did the blonde put her iPad in the blender? She wanted apple juice.
  7. What do you get when you cross an orchard with a concentration camp? apple juice
  8. Why isn't the iPhone charger... ....not called Apple Juice ?
  9. Drink apple juice OJ will kill you
  10. With your current salary what Apple product can you buy? Apple juice
  11. My one problem with the recent Apple event. They could've called AirPower "Apple Juice".
  12. Why did all the wives start drinking apple juice. because O.J. will kill you.
  13. How did the bug fetishist drink her apple juice? She put a spider in cider.
  14. What happens if you put an iphone in the blender? You get Apple juice.
  15. What does an iPhone drink for energy? Apple juice.

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Yo mama is so s**..., she was looking at the apple juice for few days cause it says "concentrate".

These two brothers had been chasing her all summer, so she finally relented and agreed to their odd, but innocent sounding request take a hot apple juice bath with them.

Finally they'll get to be in cider

Why did h**... prefer apples to oranges?

He didn't like the juice.

when life gives you lemons

make apple juice, then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.

What do iPhones like to drink?

Apple Juice

Yesterday I cut my Adam's apple while shaving. What a mess.

There was apple juice everywhere.

When given the option, always go for apple juice.

O.J will kill ya.

With your current balance, which Apple products you could buy?

Apple Juice

The next person who asks me for a mixture of apple juice, pineapple juice and lemon juice is gonna get a punch.

Ecks dee

When ever I'm given the chance between apple juice or orange juice, I always pick apple. My friends ask me why and I say

Cause oj will kill ya

If you have roomates, vegetable oil, and apple juice. Here's a tip. Always check to see if they're switched around.

You do not want to drink apple juice.

What do you charge an iPhone with?

Apple juice!

Three men are walking in the desert.

Three men are walking in the desert, all dehydrated.
They approach a slide with an empty paddling pool beneath it with a wizard standing nearby.
Wizard: This slide is magical. When you slide down it, you can say a drink of your choosing and the paddling pool will fill up with that drink.
The first guy slides down and says "Water!" and the pool is full of water.
The second guy slides down and says "Apple Juice!" and the pool is full of apple juice.
The third guy slides down and says "Wee!"

The other day, I ran out of apple juice

But I had a big box full of apples at home, so I thought I would try to make some myself.
I stared at that box for over an hour and nothing happened. Then I looked at the empty juice bottle again, and on the label it said "not from concentrate."
Boy did I feel foolish