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  1. Why do chinese people love IPhones and Apple products? Because the greatest gifts are the ones your children made.
    (inspired by u/lorenzomofo 's comment on a
    r/nextfuckinglevel post)
  2. If apple released iphone 8 and 10 this year Would it release nine eleven next year
    Edit : my first 24 hours top 10 thanks all
  3. Just saw on the news that Apple is suing Samsung: They claim that the Galaxy S3 has copied concepts used on the iPhone 6.
  4. An Apple Store in Minneapolis reported losing $200,000 in inventory to riot-related theft. 'Thankfully the looters took nothing but two iPhones' the store's associate manager said.
  5. Apple is advertising the new iPhone as "The most powerful four inches ever." I can't believe they stole my slogan.
  6. What has everyone been doing at Apple since the problems with the iPhone 6 started? Looking for Jobs.
  7. Did you hear that Apple is coming out with YET ANOTHER new iPhone model? Critics are calling it the iPhone Xs.
  8. iPhone's from the future. 2016: iPhone 7=no headphone jack
    2017: iPhone 8=no battery
    2018: iPhone 9=no screen
    2019: iPhone 10=no phone at all, just pay Apple $1000
  9. Recent studies have shown that Apple is trailing behind Samsung in innovation Experts predict that it will take at least another two years for iPhones to bring explosive features to the market.
  10. Soon enough, Apple will make the brilliant move of following a big trend in the gaming industry... ..."remastering" the ORIGINAL iPhone rather than releasing a new model.

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  1. The ceo of Apple came out gay... Now we know why the iPhone 6 can't stay straight
  2. You know Apple is run by men... when they call it an iPhone 6+ and it's only 5.5 inches.
  3. There's iPod, iMac, iPhone... and Apple watch, because iWatch sounds way too creepy.
  4. When is an Iphone not an Apple? When there's two of them. Then it's a pear.
  5. Apple's new iphone sold over 13M units this past weekend I guess you can say it was a 6S
  6. I asked my kids, "Why isn't an iPhone charger...?" "...called Apple Juice?!"
  7. Why didn't Adam buy Eve the new iPhone? Because Apple products are really expensive.
  8. Forget Apple slowing down old iPhones.. God is slowing down old humans!
  9. The Red iPhone is here... It took them 10 years to finally be like an apple
  10. You could say the smell of a new Apple product is... Scent from my iPhone
  11. What do you get when you shove an iPhone into a blender? Apple Sauce
  12. Why isn't the iPhone charger... ....not called Apple Juice ?
  13. People buying Apple products are so dumb. Sent from my iPhone.
  14. What's going to be thinner than the IPhone 8? Apples ideas.
  15. What happens if you put an iphone in the blender? You get Apple juice.

Apple Iphone joke, What happens if you put an iphone in the blender?

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A guy tells his friends:
The girl I was dating broke my heart, so I broke her Apple iPhone 5. You all know who cried more

Yo mamma so s**... she tried to eat her iPhone because it had an apple on it!

According to Apple what is the leading cause of iphone 6 overheating?

Downloading images of Candice Swanepoel.

Why is Apple offering a free case for all iPhone 6 buyers?
It doesn't help with reception, but protects the iPhone when you throw it against the wall after dropping another call!

Why is the Apple still reporting record profits from iPhone sales?
Because iPhone users are just as oblivious to the looming recession as they are to the people around them.

What do you get if you cross a Kindle with an Apple iPhone 4S?

Chuck Norris has an iPhone with whole apple.

Apple announced new iPhone 4 SS

It's better than anything else and comes only in white.

You have to admit, Apple is being treated unfairly after the recent news about the iPhone 6+...

They merely wanted to provide a phone with the flexibility their customers demanded. It's clear that Apple bends over backwards for their fans, and they wanted to build a flagship phone which does so, too.
You could say that the iPhone 6+ is ... ahead of the curve.

What was fry so embarrassed in the apple store?

He thought the new iPhone 6 was Bender.

So I the ceo of apple came out as gay

I guess their iphones really are bent

iPhone 6 Joke!

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently came out as gay... No wonder the iPhone 6 won't stay straight!

This joke came to me while waiting on my iphone repair at the Apple store..

What do people at the Genius Bar drink from?

A report claims that Apple has so much cash

A report claims that Apple has so much cash that it can give every American $556. Apple responded by saying, "or we could release a slightly different version of the iPhone, and everyone will give use $556." -Co Nan

What kind of phone does The Flash use?

Not an iPhone because Apple doesn't support flash

I hate Apple

I really hate Apple, it's so overrated
Sent from My iPhone

Apple wanted to give Barrack Obama an iPhone as a gift

They didn't know he only uses a black-barry

I heard apple was going straight to the iPhone 7

I guess it won't be very 6s-ful

After watching today's Apple event, I can confirm the new iPhone will not be a failure.

In fact, it'll be a huge 6S.

Apple's latest phone is going to be a hit.

It's the iPhone Success.

I went shopping for the latest iPhone.

Unfortunately, the Apple Store had sold out, so I didn't end up 6sful.

Apple products of late is a crime against good design

The iPhone battery case should be charged as an accessory

Why does Microsoft hate Apple?

Because an iPhone broke its window

A love letter to my iPhone

The apple of my I

Apple have talked about their most recent iPhone recently,

The sales team seems to think it was a huge 6s

Apple is really not a racist company

Their new shiny iPhone comes only in jet black.

Apple woke up their lead designer in the middle of the night

To ask him about ideas for the new iPhone.
The disgruntled designer told them "j**...".
The marketing department found the idea fantastic.

Whats an ex-iphone user's favorite cereal?

Apple Jacks

How many Android users does it take to buy an iPhone?

Zero. Apple doesn't accept EBT.

Me: Hey, can I have an Iphone 7 please?

Apple guy: Possibly... What's your name?
Me: Jack
Apple guy: Sorry, no jacks.

Apple just announced new plans for the iPhone 8...

It wont be a physical device, it will be iMaginary!

With the new iPhone 7, apple wanted to...

iSolate themselves from the other technology.

I feel like people are missing the point of the iPhone 7.

The best part about Apple products is you get to imagine the improvements.

You can't compare the iPhone 7 to the Note 7.

It's like comparing apples and lemons.

I'd rather buy a box of cereal than an iPhone 7

Because you can have apples with your jacks

What's Apple's way to go about things transitioning from iPhone 6 to 7?

Do nothing, just j**...

I downloaded a scented candle app on my iPhone.

It smells of apple.

Apple once made an iPhone with a headphone jack...

It was very 6S-ful

A group of IPhones walk into a bar

Bartender: Get out!
IPhones: Why?
Bartender: I know you don't have any money!
IPhones: How?
Bartender: Because all you Apple products lost your Jobs years ago!

What do iPhones like to drink?

Apple Juice

I'm positive that Apple is going to do a red iphone

I'm h**... positive.

I work for Apple's customer support

Me: Hello! What can I help you with today sir?
Him: Can you track a stolen iPhones?
Me: I'm sorry sir, we can not.
Him: Great. *hangs up*

What does an iPhone drink for energy?

Apple juice.

Why did Apple call their next latest phone iPhone X...

...when they really should have called it the iPhone $999.

Everyone is wondering why Apple released the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (10), but didn't mention the iPhone 9.

It's probably because 7 8 9.

Why did Apple choose to release the iPhone 8 and 10, but not 9?

Because 7 ate 9.
I'll leave.

So apple announced the iphone X

The X stands for X-pensive

Why do you get when you put an iPhone into a blender?

Apple juice

Why did Apple add that weird cutout at the top of the iPhone X?

I guess they just wanted to create a truly top notch phone. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯

I heard there's a $300 discount on the iPhone X

But instead of the Apple logo, you get "Samsung" on the back of the phone.

The iPhone is on a permanent discount for 60% off!

Instead of an Apple logo they put a Samsung logo on the back.

The Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, snapchat Spectacles, and the Amazon Echo Show all came out in 2017. Who won the year?


There's a new $300 discount on the new iPhone X

But instead of Apple it says Samsung on the back.

Why did Apple skip the iPhone 9?

What do iPhones use for battery?

Apple juice

Apples' support for old iPhone users

Apple iPhone Update Removes Easter from Calendar

It should be back in three days

The iPhone 7 and later models don't have a 3.5mm headphone jack. What do you call them?


BATMAN: These new iPhones are great!

WONDER WOMAN: I know right, it's so easy to stay in touch with each other.
FLASH: How come I didn't get one?
GREEN LANTERN: Sorry man, Apple doesn't run Flash.

How do you know Apple is run by men?

The call it iPhone 6+ when the screen size is only 5.5".

Why is Warren Buffett so healthy at almost 90 years age

He likes Apple and doesn't use the iPhone!

Apple probably won't release the iPhone 11...

...they'll just "remaster" the first iPhone.

The iPhone 11 probably won't happen...

Apple will just "remaster" the original iPhone.

Apple is NOT releasing the iPhone 11.

They're just gonna "remaster" the original.

Apple Iphone joke, Apple is NOT releasing the iPhone 11.

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