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To reduce waste, our city has told food truck operators that they must donate all unsold items each night.

I applaud the effort, but given how little space the trucks have in the first place, it seems like there's really not much room for waste to begin with. So, I've gotta ask....

How much food would a food truck chuck if a food truck could chuck food?

How many Republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. Trump just says it's fixed and the rest of them sit in the dark and applaud

When you pass gas loudly in a crowded room, everyone should applaud...

That takes some guts.

I applaud all the women who don't shave down there

That's a level of self confidence I can really get behind.

Can we applaud David s**... for not having any allegations of s**... advances?

Consensual ones included.

I'd really like to applaud my doctor. The symptoms of my gonorrhea are finally starting to go away.

::slow clap::

I applauded a mosquito…

suffice it to say it was flattered.

why can't a squirrel change a lightbulb?

If you can get it i applaud you good person!

I for one applaud Melania Trump for trying to assimilate to American culture.

She plagiarizes like the best of us.

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