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A couple are dining at a German restaurant...

A couple are dining at a German restaurant, and so far it has been awful. The appetizers were cold, the beer was warm, and the main course has been in preparation for over two hours.

They call over their waitress to complain about the appetizers and the beer, and to ask where their entrees are.

She frowns and replies, "The wurst is yet to come."

First Date

A college student picked up his date at her parents home. He'd scraped together every cent he had to take her to a fancy restaurant. To his dismay, she ordered almost everything expensive on the menu. Appetizers, lobster, champagne...the works. Finally he asked her, "Does your Mother feed you like this at home?" "No," she said, "but my Mother's not looking to get laid, either."

I love Indian food

But I'm always hesitant about the appetizers. It seems like a lot of them would be naan-starters.

Why don't Italian appetizers remember you?

'Cause they Foccacia!

What do you call a brothel that serves appetizers to its patrons?

*Whores d'oeuvre*

A Couple Goes to a Chinese Restaurant...

They're feeling hungry but don't want to gorge themselves on appetizers, so when the waiter takes their initial order they ask for water and some light dumplings.

After some time, they notice that the room seems a bit darker. The waiter comes back for refills and asks How is everything?

The man replies Well, the atmosphere is nice but why isn't our appetizer here yet?

The waiter responds What appetizer? You only said you wanted the light dim sum!

I don't like appetizers at Indian restaurants...

they're mostly naan starters.

There should be a show where cops sit around a restaurant table order appetizers and tell cop stories.

The could call it "Law and hors d'oeuvres"

We went for Indian food on our first date so I tried to get conversation going at the table by ordering appetizers...

Turns out that was a naan starter

What do you call equine appetizers?

horse d'oeuvres

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