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A black hole and a nebula go out to lunch...

A black hole and a nebula are at a restaurant. The nebula orders a ginormous amount of food and the black hole only orders a drink and a small appetizer.
The nebula says the the black hole, "Are you sure you don't want more?"
The black hole replies, "Nah, I eat light"

What's an epileptic persons favorite appetizer?

Seizure Salad.

Why did the German doomsday prepper order an appetizer?

He wanted to prepare for the wurst.

At an Indian restaurant, can you order bread as an appetizer?

Or is that a naan-starter?

What is the favorite appetizer of scottish people?

Gaelic Bread

The restaurant critic wrote that the appetizer was unexceptional

It was par for the course

A working class man goes to a fancy restaurant

He just finished ordering his appetizer when the waiter asks "EntreΓ©?". The man says "No! On a plate!"

My mom made Rumaki as an appetizer for Valentine's Day...

so I didn't just have one date, I had four.

What did Caesar say when he found out someone laced his raw vegetable appetizer with E. coli?

Et tu crudite'?

I don't like appetizers at Indian restaurants...

they're mostly naan starters.

I took a girl to an Indian restaurant and ordered the flatbread basket for an appetizer. My date criticized my choice and stormed out.

Something about me being a naan starter.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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