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Yo girl, are you my appendix?

Because I don't really understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

When your appendix is removed it's called an appendectomy.

When your u**... is removed it's called a hysterectomy. What's it called when you have a growth removed from your head? A haircut.

After discovering her young daughter playing doctor with the neighbor's boy,

the angry mother grabbed the boy by the ear and dragged him to his house and confronted his mother. It's only natural for young boys and girls to explore their sexuality by playing doctor at their age, the neighbor said. Sexuality?! the mother yelled. He took out her appendix!

Hey girl, are you my appendix?

Because I'm not completely sure how you work, but this strange feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

Book, you look so much thinner!

I know! I had my appendix removed!

s**... with me is like reading a book...

I don't stop until I reach the appendix.

Doctor: we had to remove your appendix

**JRR Tolkien:** but that's where I explain why elves hate dwarves

Appendix joke, Doctor: we had to remove your appendix

I got a book titled 'A Guide to Surgical Procedures'.

I opened it up and the appendix was missing.

Playing doctor

Susie and Johnny were playing doctor, when Susie suddenly started crying and ran to her mother.

Later the Susie's mother confronted the Johnny's mother. "My Susie said that your Johnny was playing doctor with her!".

Johnny's mother responded calmly, "that's OK, kids are always exploring. I wouldn't worry about it."

Susie's mom screamed out, "but he took out her appendix!"

I just found out a friend of mine had their appendix removed...

... so I asked what the surgical team had decided to do with the forward, introduction, contents, glossary and index?

A man who is well-known for overindulging at elaborate dinners is feeling abdominal pain and goes to his doctor. He asks, "Doc, is it my appendix?"

The doctor replies "No, I think it is more like your table of contents."

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My doctor removed my appendix...

Now all that's left is the table of contents.

Paige finishes writing her biology dissertation and hands it in to the lecturer the following day.

He quickly flicks through it and realises something is missing.

"Where's your appendix page?"

"Easy", she says, and points to her lower abdomen.

When did a gut feeling save your life?

When my appendix burst.

A man calls his doctor

"Doctor, my wife has appendicitis, it's emergency !"

"That's impossible, I personally removed your wife's appendix ! I have never seen someone having appendicitis twice !"

"And someone having a new wife, have you seen that ?"

Why did the book get stitches?

Because he had his appendix removed.

note: books can also be female.

Appendix joke, Why did the book get stitches?

What do you call an operation.

what do you call an operation to have your tonsils removed? a Tonsillectomy.

What do you call an operation to have your appendix removed? an Appendectomy.

What do you call an operation where a man has his tubes cut so he can't have children? a vasectomy.

What do you call an operation when a woman has a s**... change? an Add-a-d**...-to-me.

You remind me of my appendix...

You remind me of my appendix. I have no idea what you do, but I'd love to take you out.

What did the doctor do after he finished reading the book?

He removed the appendix!

Surgical operations

When you get your tonsils removed: tonsillectomy
When you have your appendix removed: appendicectomy
When a woman has a s**... change: addadictomy

What's the part of a book that's most likely to explode?

The appendix.

A man, who believes in avoiding doctors and hospitals at all cost, had to have emergency surgery for an inflamed appendix.

In pain, but still protesting the whole idea of an operation, he muttered,

"When God gave man an appendix, there must have been a reason for putting it there, am I right?"

"Oh there was," said the surgeon.

"God gave you that appendix so I could put my kids through university."

I had my appendix removed a few years ago...

I hope I never need surgery again. If I do, how will the surgeon be able to find anything in my body?

Two books arm wrestle.

One ruptures is appendix, the other helps him rebind it.

I borrowed a book from the library the other day.. was all about surgery.

It wasn't until I got home that I realised someone had taken the appendix out.

Why did the student stop citing references?

Because he had his appendix removed.

Appendix joke, Why did the student stop citing references?

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