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I heard married women sometimes grow an appendage out of their back side as they age.

Maybe it's just an old wives tail.

How many appendages am I holding up?

This was an on-the-spot joke made by my dad at the dinner table:

>Dad: I can see everything

>Me: How many fingers am I holding up below the table?

>Dad: No more than five.

>Me (thinking to include toes): How many appendages am I holding up?

>Dad: That's disgusting.

A dog comes upon a set of train tracks

As the pup crosses the tracks a train comes by and runs over the dogs tail, causing the tip of his tail to fall off.

Saddened by his loss, the dog turn around to sniff his lost appendage.

As he is sniffing his tail another train comes by and cuts his head off.

The end.

The moral of the story:
Don't lose your head over a little piece of tail!

What do you call a toy with a sown on aquatic appendage?

A doll fin.

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