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In the spirit of Easter, I've hidden eggs around the appartment.

In the spirit of April Fools, I'm not telling my roommates.

God made a new rule...

You have to tell him how you died to get to heaven.

Guy 1 comes up and God asks him how he died, He said:

"I was walking home to my apartment and when I unlocked the door there was a burgular and he ran into my fridge. I threw the fridge out the window. I died of a heart attack though.

God let him in

Guy 2 comes up and God said "how did you die?"

He said "well I was on my trampoline in my appartment. The window was open and I fell out. I was lucky caught by a bush though. Then some one freaking threw their fridge on me!"

God let him in

Guy 3 comes up and God asks the same question'

He Said, "Imagine this, you where hiding in a refridgerator...."

A man sits in his appartment with his dog

He then looks at it and says,
Man: if you could talk, i'd rich
The dog then looks at him
Dog: no one Will believe you

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