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  1. I lost my job at the s**... hotline. Apparently reverse psychology isn't very well accepted.
  2. I read that Logic's touching performance at the Grammys tripled calls to the s**... prevention line, Apparently Fergie's national anthem more than quintupled them
  3. A hipster politician was found dead today of an apparent s**.... He won the popular vote and just couldn't handle it.
  4. Vikings kicker Blair Walsh apparently attempted s**... last night. He ended up being just fine, he was unable to kick the chair out from under him.
  5. Shia Labeouf got rejected for a job he applied for... During a practice run he caused negative results.
    Apparently he wasn't what the s**... hotline was looking for.
  6. ISIS have announced that they will only be using women as s**... b**.... Apparently, they're much easier to trigger them.
  7. Today I got fired from my job as a s**... hotline operator... Apparently reverse psychology wasn't a good method...
  8. Why was the t**... commander mad at his subordinate? Apparently, you're not supposed to practice s**... b**...!
  9. Probably too soon News is Robin Williams didn't commit s**....
    Apparently, he was Ru-Fi-O'd.
  10. Thank You Omen Movies, Apparently being an orphan by double "s**..." isn't enough to be your Anti-Christ, Satan Dad.
    Who knew I had to have a work ethic?

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  1. I got fired from a s**... hotline Apparently they look down upon reverse psychology.
  2. Did you hear about s**...? Apparently it's a cutting edge advancement

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Name for a PTSD support group

I just got kicked out of my support group for those chronically depressed with PTSD. We were trying to think up a group name, apparently 'The s**... Squad' isn't considered appropriate.

Did you guys hear about that dolphin at SeaWorld that committed s**...?

Apparently after he was separated from his family and forced into captivity, he lost all sense of porpoise in his life.

This morning I saw an ad offering 'help' to people contemplating s**...

Which confused me, because the industry has banned ads for cigarettes, but apparently they have no qualms with m**....

My plastic surgeon just committed s**....

Apparently he wasn't happy with the way he looked.

I just got fired from the s**... helpline office...

Apparently you're not supposed to help them s**....

this is for my country

Four guys climb the highest observation point in the world. A white guy, black, jew, and german.
Theyr reach the very top and the german leans over the edge and is taken aback by the view.
Suddenly he shouts out "THIS IS FOR MY COUNTRY!" And leaps to his death.
Feeling a sudden urge of patriotism the jew leans over the edge and shouts "THIS IS FOR MY COUNTRY!!!" and leaps to his death.
Scared from witnesing two apparent suicides the black guy leans over the edge to check if the two had survived the fall.
"THIS IS FOR MY COUNTRY!!!' Shouts the white man and pushes the black guy over the edge and proceeds to walk back down.