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Scuba is an acronym

Scuba stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. But tuba is also an acronym. It stands for Terrible Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

A doctor is getting ready to deliver a baby.

A doctor is getting ready to deliver a baby and the husband walks in. He says he's always wondered what child birth felt like.

The doctor says that they are testing an apparatus that would share the pain with the father.

He agrees and continues with the procedure.

The doctor first puts the pain at 10% the man feels nothing. He turns it to 25% still nothing. He puts it on 50% nothing. The doctor is getting curious wondering if the device works at all. He turns it to 100% and still nothing. The mother doesn't feel a thing.

After birth is all done they wrap it all up and go home.

When they arrive at home, the mailman is lying on the front lawn. The mailman says. 'I feel like I've just given birth.'

>I don't know if this has been posted before but this was my fathers favorite joke.

My job title is "Thermal Generation Engineer for Recumbent Structural Apparatus."

I keep a chair warm.

A man goes to the doctors to find a cure for his lack of hearing

The doctor prescribed a hearing apparatus, and scheduled him in for surgery in December.

After the surgery was complete, the man asked the doctor if everything went well. The doctor responded, "everything is fine sir. We've run our tests and you're ready to be discharged. Merry Christmas, and a happy new ear.

I was showing Yoda my new chinese cooking apparatus

He said 'wok it is called'

What baked treat shares its name with a gynaecological apparatus?


What do you call a man with an ice pick in his head?

Anything you want - he clearly doesn't control the security apparatus of the Soviet state.

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