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Apparantly all flags on the moon have faded to white by now.

Now the French can claim to have been there.

So I just texted my crush...

So I just texted my crush.

Even after all these years, she thought I was really creepy.

Now, I don't know what to do.

Dear god, can I please go back in time and undo my actions.

Never will I do anything like that again.

Usually, she likes to joke about things, apparantly not this time.

Don't go and say that I was stupid, because I didn't do anything wrong.

Everyone I asked said "Just text her, you have nothing to lose".

So all I wrote was the first letter of each sentence in this post.

I went to the zoo today, but it only had one animal!

It was a Shitzu

... I'll see myself out

Breaking news: Amidst all the chaos, Eminem just got kicked out of a very high end bar.

Apparantly he asked the bartender for 4 shots but the bartender refused service and said you only get one shot.

Apparantly theres a new sex position called the Parcel Force ...

You stay in all day waiting for a big package, but no one comes.

Apparantly part of a Hong Kong politician's ear was bit off.

I'm glad Mike Tyson is giving his all to these protests

I now know why i get so many downvotes..

Apparantly I'm a huge sensation in Australia!

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