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Funny Appalachia Jokes and Puns

So there is a man from Appalachia

And one weekend he leaves to go fishing with his friends. When he arrives home he finds his wife packing up all of her stuff.

He asked "What are yall doin?"

She replied "I'm leavin you!"

He looked confused and saddened and asked her why.

She told him "My friends say you're a pedophile!"

He was shocked and said "Pedophile?! That's a mighty big word for an 11 year old"

Appalachian Dictionary

Virgin: (noun) - A 12 year old girl that can run faster than her brother.


Something Uncle Bobby yells down to you after you've accidentally fallen from the tree stand while hunting big game bucks in the heart of the forests of Appalachia.

How do we know the toothbrush was invented in Appalachia?

Because otherwise it would be called a "Teethbrush."

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