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The Best jokes about Apostrophe

Never date an apostrophe...

they can be possessive.

A man is texting his wife...

"Alright, see you soon!" the man says to his wife.

She responds "Isn't there something you forgot to tell me?"

The man then replies "Oh yes! I forgot to tell you. I dont love you very much."

She then replies "Wait, what do you mean!?

the wife thinks to herself, "he must have made a typo, he probably meant to say "do," instead of "dont."

She replies, "Honey, did you make a typo in that sentence?"

The man then quickly responds "Silly me, I forgot the apostrophe!"

Apostrophes are like sex ed

If you're not sure, don't put it in

An apostrophe walks into a'bar.

What do you call the inverted comma of a jealous girlfriend?

A possessive's apostrophe

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