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Saying "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" means the same thing ...

Unless you're at a funeral.

I'm not an apologetic Canadian...

I'm sorry, I'm just not

"I'm sorry" and "I apologise" mean the same thing.

Unless you're at a funeral.

Apolo joke, "I'm sorry" and "I apologise" mean the same thing.

I'd like to apologize for all of my terrible chemistry jokes.

All of the good ones argon.

"I'm sorry" and "I apologize" are synonyms

Unless you're at a funeral

Usually, "I'm sorry" and "I apologise" are used synonymously...

But I wouldn't recommend it at a funeral.

I had to apologize to my friend for making fun of his erectile dysfunction.

I said, Hope there are no hard feelings.

Apolo joke, I had to apologize to my friend for making fun of his erectile dysfunction.

I'll just apologise right now...

A man goes to the doctor. He says, "Doc, I think there may be something wrong with the pills you gave me last time."

The doctor peered over his glasses, "Why do you think that, Mr Jones?"

"I keep veering to the left, then to the right."

"I shouldn't worry about that," replies the doctor. "Those are just side effects..."

I'd like to apologize to all my fellow Californians for the recent forest fires.

Apparently I'm the only one that could've prevented them.

I apologise for the following joke, it's a long one...


What did the apologetic rapist say to the virgin.

I'm sorry for taking your virginity, it won't happen again.

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I apologize to all the people I told they were only average persons.

I didn't mean it.

I'm sorry and I apologise have the same meaning

Except in a funeral

A Women' Apology

I am sorry,
But it was Your mistake.

I never apologise, and I will never explain myself.

I'm sorry, it's just the way I am.

I just got done apologizing to my barbershop quartet

I gathered them to sing a song about a bucket with a lot of water in it.

It turned out to be solo.

Apolo joke, I just got done apologizing to my barbershop quartet

I never apologize...

I'm sorry.

How does SchrΓΆdinger apologise?

Sorry not sorry

I never apologize

I am sorry but that's just the way I am.

Never Apologise! Never Explain!

Sorry, that's my motto.

I apologize for not knowing my 90's boy bands.

I was never *NSYNC with the trends.

What do you call a mint on a mission to the moon?


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