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Massaging the wife

Italian : Last night I massaged my wife with the finest olive oil, then we made love and I made her scream non stop 5 minutes.

French : Last night I massaged my wife with special aphrodisiac oil, then we made passionate love. I made her scream 15 minutes.

American : Thats nothing! Last night I massaged my wife with cheese, then made love and made her scream for 2 hours.

Italian and French, astonished : 2 hours ! How !?

American : I wiped my hands on the curtains...

I just patented my new combination aphrodisiac and stool softener!

SexLax: "Easy come, easy go!"

Wow! A sort-by-new gold! I'm honoured!

A chemist tried to impress his beautiful lab assistant...

He began my mixing two chemicals previously uncombined in hopes it would produce a strong aphrodisiac. Upon smelling the fumes, the assistant instantly vomited onto the chemist's face.

That was not the reaction he was hoping for.

They say comedy is an aphrodisiac.

So I guess when women laugh at me after sex it's a good thing?

Have you heard that duct tape can be used as an aphrodisiac?

It turns "NO! NO! NO!" into "MMM! MMM! MMM!"

What do you call Bob Ross spinning around in circles at a theatre play?


What food does an axe murderer think is the best aphrodisiac?

Chopped dates

I heard oysters were an effective aphrodisiac, so I ate a dozen.

Only four of them worked.

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