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Apparently there's a voluntary organization trying to gain legal rights for apes.

I guess you could say their work is Pro-Bonobo.

I was watching a documentary on the Ferguson, Missouri riots...

... and half way in I realized I was watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Why I'm bothered by racists as an American citizen

When they say that people are hanging from trees I'm not sure if they're talking about Apes or the k**......

Yeah that's a gibbon.

In the zoo a visitor says to another while looking at the apes enclosure, "so, that one is not a great ape, right" and the other says "yeah, that's a gibbon"

How many unwashed gorillas did Fetty Wap buy?

17 dirty apes.

What kind of apes can you find swinging on vines?


I was trying to describe monkeys and apes to my mathematician friend..

...as he'd never heard of prime 8's.

Apes joke, I was trying to describe monkeys and apes to my mathematician friend..

What separates the men from the apes?

The Mediterranean sea

Where do baby apes sleep?


What do apes call sunbathing?


A little girl asks her father where people came from.

He explained about Adam and Eve and they were our original ancestors and they had babies and that's where we came from.

Later that day the girl asked her Mom who explained that their ancestors were monkeys and apes and humans evolved from the monkeys. "So, our relatives are monkeys?" "That's right, dear"

Now the little girl was angry and stomped into the living room to see her Dad and told him what her Mom said. "You lied to me!" the little girl shouted at him.

No I didn't honey. Your Mom was talking about her side of the family

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It's foolish for humans to try and take back the planet of the apes

Since they are incredibly good at gorilla warfare.

A Creationist and Atheist Debate

Creationist: If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Atheist: If Adam came from dirt, why is there still dirt?

Evolution tells us we've evolved from apes.

I'm pretty sure we've evolved from c**.... You know why? Have you ever held a pair of tongs and NOT clicked them together? I rest my case.

When apes first began walking upright...

It was a huge step forward.

Have you seen the new Planet of the Apes movie?

Apes joke, Have you seen the new Planet of the Apes movie?

What do you get when you mix Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes ?

Your show cancelled

In the 2001 film "The Planet of the Apes" David Warner plays a primate named Senator Sandar

which means the whole planet is probably a Banana Republic

Scientists claim that after man dolphins rank 2nd in intelligence..

After that comes apes, then some species of parrots.

I guess that pushes women down to 5th.

What do you have when you group pandas, apes, and crows?

Embarrassment, Shrewdness, and m**...

What type of store do Apes own?

Monkey business.

I watched the new Men in Black casting a woman and i liked it

Now just waiting for the new Planets of the Apes casting a bunch of lions.

What do fashionable apes wear in the jungle?

Dolce and Banana.

"Mom, how did humans come to exist?"

"Well, you see, God created Adam and Eve..."

"But dad said we came from apes."

"He was talking about his family, I am telling you about mine."

What do you call a Donkey Kong game that is set during the Great Depression?

The Apes of Wrath

if you liked planet of the apes

you might enjoy macaque in uranus

Apes joke, if you liked planet of the apes

Where did the alcohol on the Planet of the Apes come from?

monkey bars

A group of apes had locked everyone inside of a Himalayan monastery

Escape was delayed because of the missing monk key.

What's the difference between Monkeys and Apes?

Monkeys are better at telling stories because they have Tales.

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