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The Best jokes about Apeeling

What did one banana say to another banana?

I find you a-peeling

My Dad likes to eat every part of an orange

I never found it too apeeling.

Why is a banana the most attractive fruit?

Everyone finds it a-peeling.

Why didn't the banana like the cow?

The cow wasn't very a-peel-ing

What did the orange say to the banana?

You look very a-peeling.

Just kidding. You look o*K*.

**The banana, like many of the people reading this, was not amused.**

What did the chick say to the sunburned dude?

I find you a-peeling

Did you hear about the stand up with the banana's stand up act?

I heard it was a-peeling!

London Joke

Why did the man fall in love with the banana whilst on a London attraction?

Because it was a-peeling on the Eye.

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