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A South African actor walks into his managers office (original joke)

Looking for a job. His manager thinks about it and says "we only have one role available at the moment, it's a short film about segregation"
The actor replies "great, that sounds like a-part-heid take"

Just after the apartheid ...

A bus company's owner explain to his drivers that if they find it difficult to see people as equal they just have to consider there are no more black and white people, only blue.

So, this driver explained it to its passengers :

"Ok guys, you're not black or white anymore. Only blue. So light blue get the front seats, dark blue the rear."

A lot of people think apartheid is a complicated issue

But i think it's pretty black and white

Two South Africans were playing a game of golf

Unfortunately, apartheid their game.

A double whammy

What's black on the bottom and white on top?

Apartheid America.

What's white on the bottom and black on top?

A prison shower.

What is Nelson Mandela's favorite snack?

Apartheid pods

The real problem with Tide Pods is that the segregate the colors.

We should be talking to our kids about the dangers of Apartheid Pods.

Ain't no party like a racist party cause a racist party is


Hey, remember the south african billionaire who smoked weed on a live podcast and ended up violating the SEC rules?

looks like he apartheid too hard...

Did you see Matt Damon's character in Invictus?

That's apartheid like to play.

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