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Native American run deep in my bloodline. That's why I can't grow facial hair.

I have Apache beard.

Do you have small pox?

Because your face looks kind apache!

How come Geronimo never had facial hair?

Cause he could only grow Apache beard!

What do you call a Native American with psoriasis?

Apache Indian

The Lone Ranger is in trouble now!

The lone ranger and Tonto are riding together, when suddenly they are surrounded by a group of Apache Indians, screaming like banshees and swinging warclubs.
The lone ranger takes a look at the war-painted pack of warriors howling for his blood, and yells to his faithful sidekick, "Looks like we might have to fight them off, Tonto!"
The lone ranger looks over his shoulder to see Tonto backing his horse away slowly.

"What you mean 'we', white man?"

What kind of facial hair does a teenage Native American have?

Apache beard

An Italian man was having trouble growing his beard.

So he did some research and found out he was native American.

So now when asked about his beard he says
"Eh.. It's just apache"

Apache joke, An Italian man was having trouble growing his beard.

What do you call a person with native american ancestry and alopecia?


My facial hair is Italian and native American

It's Apache

I identify as an Apache helicopter

I always have strange army men inside me

What do you call a pirate's helicopter?

An Eye-patchy helicopter!



Ill show myself out.

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Geronimo never grew a full beard.

Cause he could only grow apache one.

Missionary says to Apache: "Peace On!"

Apache says to Missionary: "P!ss Off!"

Did you hear about the time in someone fixed an attack helicopter with nothing but fabric?

It was apache fix at best

Did you hear about the Native American/Italian phone network? It didn't work out...

The signal... it was Apache.

My Native American grandmother wouldn't replace my pants with a hole in them.

Instead she used Apache to fix them.

Apache joke, My Native American grandmother wouldn't replace my pants with a hole in them.

Did you hear about the Native American with facial hair?

He had Apache Beard.

Why wasn't Geronimo considered a proper lumbersexual?

He had the axe, but he could only grow Apache beard.

What was the name of the Native American weather reporter?

Apache Cloud.

My native friend is trying to grow a beard again.

It always ends up being Apache one.

Why didn't the Indian grow facial hair?

He would have Apache beard

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