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Why were the ants unaffected by the covid virus?

They have lil anty bodies.

Do you know why ants are never sick?

It's because they have little anty bodies

Scientists have declared that ants are immune to COVID-19....

They think its probably because they have.... anty bodies

Why aren't ants getting covid?

They have anty bodies.

Did you know that ants can't contact COVID-19?

Because they have anty bodies.

Why don't ants get sick?

They have anty bodies.

Why dont anteaters get sick?

Because they are filled with anty bodies.

I went to a fancy Italian restaurant but stormed out when I found bugs in my food.

Turned out it was the anty pasto.

How come ants don't get sick?

Because they have little Anty bodies…

What medication are ants prescribed to deal with their low moods?

Anty depressants.

Why don't ant eaters get sick?

They have lots of anty bodies inside them.

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Why don't ants catch colds?

they have tiny anty bodies

Remember when Anty died in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?

I wonder if he left behind any little orphan anties.

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