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A penguin is having some car trouble

So he takes his car to a local mechanic for repairs. The mechanic tells the penguin that it will take about an hour to check and find out what is wrong with his vehicle.

The penguin goes to the waiting room and becomes very bored and antsy. He looks out the front window of the mechanic's shop and sees and ice cream parlor across the street and decides that will be a good way to kill some time.

The penguin goes into the ice cream parlor and orders a three scoop cone of vanilla ice cream. Seeing that the penguin doesn't have opposable thumbs it is very hard to keep a hold of the cone and the penguin makes a huge mess. He gets ice cream all over himself.

The penguin looks at the time and realizes he needs to get back to the mechanic's and doesn't have enough time to clean up.

He goes to the mechanic and asks if he found out what was wrong.

The mechanic says "It looks like you blew a seal."

The penguin responds "No, that's ice cream."

A new hospital opens for the first time, and the doctor is getting antsy...

"What are we waiting for?" the doctor asks.

"Patients, Doctor," replied the nurse. "Patients."

My sister graduated med school and is growing antsy at her minimal workload

She just needs to have patients.

What do you call an ant who just saw a ghost?


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